Pizzeria Bianco

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Pizzas tasted delicious, though my jaw became sore from finishing the crusts. Next time I’ll get an appetizer to dip the crusts in.

2 pizzas was enough for 2 guys at lunch.

I don’t have much experience with tasting pizzas, though they were better than the ones at office pizza parties.


Is pane Bianco for lunch just the bar area/counter of pizzeria Bianco?

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It’s a separate spot in another part of The Row, where his original restaurant was.

Alla Palla and green slice were my faves. The classic slice is good but a little light on sauce/cheese.


separate space, where the old tartine bianco used to be.


Ah ok should I go there or just do pizzeria bianco for lunch?

I’ve been to pizzeria bianco 4 or 5 times.

if you’ve been to pizzeria bianco for lunch previously, pane bianco is the same thing, ny-style slices, sandwiches and salads.

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Only had lunch once along with one slice another time so i guess a little less often

ha, ha…years ago I drove 6 hrs to Phoenix for pizza at Bianco’s…id drive from the westside to DTLA anytime for Chris’ pies!

hmmm, better than office party pizza…maybe I’ll check it out

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Any advice for scoring a last min reservation (next saturday) for 4 people. Any luck if folks have called them or cancellations?

They never seem to answer the phone. I would set an OpenTable alert. You can also try for walk-in but Saturday may be rough.


If you’re gonna walk in I would recommend walking in at opening.

In the past I’ve seen people lining up before opening for walk ins, might even consider 15 min before opening.

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Sei is incredible but I look forward to trying Bianco on my next visit to LA to see DD.

Best bet is to hang out at Rappahanock at least an hour before and check out the activity out front of Bianco.

If you are free during the day, lunch is available and it’s not as busy.


Had a great meal here last night. I think I still prefer Sei, but I wouldn’t complain about ever having dinner here.

Antipasto - A+ absolutely fantastic spread
Market Salad - B not the finest Weiser melon
Cacio e Pepe (special) - B the sauce was split. I made a better one at home last week.
Sonny Boy - A wife thought it was too salty, but I enjoyed it
Wiseguy - A+ great pizza

I wanted to get two white pies, but that seemed a bit silly for a first visit so I missed out on the Rosa, which I think in hindsight was a mistake.


I was here last night, too - also did a pre-dinner drink at Kato - with a friend. Might’ve seen you!

Anyway, we had …

Little Gem (add Parm) - Good! I mean, like, a good salad. Not sure what else anyone would expect.
Carrots - Good! Solidly good.
Sonny Boy - Really really good. Love that tomato sauce. Made me wish I’d just done the tomato pie
Wiseguy - Really good! I don’t think I loved the fennel sausage as much as others … I prefer more fennel.

Was this “HFS!”, revelatory pizza? No. But it was really, really good. I would happily eat here again. I remember feeling the same way back when I visited Phoenix and Sergio was still manning the oven.

Trying Sei on Saturday, curious to see how it is.

Pro Move is absolutely a bang-bang with Kato, in some fashion. Their drinks are pretty special, all the more shocking given how it started, AND that it’s a restaurant program (vs a full, cocktail-specific bar)


Based on my own reaction to Bianco (not sure which Phoenix location we were at) and Sei (and comparing that to yours), I think you’ll probably think it’s good but not be blown away.

What pizza have you found revelatory? :slight_smile:

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Sei is the best pizza in LA. You’ll love it!


quite the unequivocal claim