Pok Pok LA - No...Just, No

Not sure if you’re illiterate or not, but I made a post prior to that where I literally said this:

If you can read English, that should be pretty clear.

Gosh, you sure did. And then you added a comment about toxic plastic hippie chicks. I guess my dumb beach bunny brain put those together all wrong. :pensive:

Thank you for schoolin me, daddy.


I’m actually going to defend Aesthete on this one. He said hipster chic not hipster chick and I thought it was an amusing joke since Pok Pok is hipster Thai.

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It’s great that you can make worthy contributions and insights on the food front, but throwing insults at fellow posters truly detracts from your contributions.

I always cringe when I see your posts. On the one hand, I’m interested in your posts - you cover a lot of ground, include lots of pix and have good insight based on experience.

On the other, your propensity to “chump,” make presumptive statements and insult makes you almost unapproachable.


omg, you’re right. I keep forgetting not everything is about me.


WTF? I’m that “ME”! Get out! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::laughing::wink:


@LAgirl said it was all about ME.



I’m glad there is at least one person who can get jokes on here makes it all **#**WorthIt :slight_smile:

I only throw back what gets thrown at me. You would sure think it would be a two-way street eh? Why don’t you ever tell the people who START the insult hurling to stuff it?

Oh, hush you. It was a misunderstanding. Here’s a fancy tropical drink for for you. :tropical_drink:


See, YMMV is going to vary on that. I feel like you get pinched and then you end up launching a missile in response. If you simply pinched back, I think it really WOULD look more like a two-way street. It does not look like a two-way street when the semi is squeezing the Fiat off the road. All JMO.

To bring it back on topic, I’ve never been to Pok Pok, and I guess I never will?

EOM. Deuces and peace out.


What @paranoidgarliclover said. Calling someone illiterate relative to what you’re responding to is not only disproportionate, you are attacking the individual - not the statement.

If you feel I’m only picking on you, that is your prerogative. I call them as I see them, as the saying goes. If I were to respond to you, asking if YOU were illiterate, how would you take that? More importantly, how would YOU feel?

You are obviously very literate - be worthy of your level of intellect, be considerate of others and post accordingly. It’s fine to disagree. Conflicts are bound to occur (we are all food geeks to varying degrees who will go to the mat for what place has the best french fries ferchrissakes). Going full-frontal assault on a small issue sends things either into isolation for you, or thermonuclear warfare with carnage everywhere. It’s juvenile - you are not.

Please understand that I do appreciate your contributions. You help fill the void that @Porthos left behind (helping in this issue is one of the highest complements I can give on this board IMHO).

You have excellent knowledge and experience over a broad range of cuisines and levels. Your drinks pix help fill a void that I appreciate because I rarely order mixed drinks at restaurants (I think they’re a total rip-off unless they’re well-crafted with thought into the ingredients). Reading your descriptions and comments, then coupling them with the pix is superlative reporting. With that said, posters are going to inquire, complement, and yes - even criticize. And that’s okay - as long as the criticism is measured, fair and not about the individual.


I don’t, still use my kids Batman and Spiderman plates!

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[quote=“bulavinaka, post:173, topic:1672”]
I think the quality of their ingredients is excellent here.
[/quote]That’s always a problem. Chefs try to do these foods with better ingredients and people complain about the price. Maybe if it tastes really, really good folks don’t care?

Some people care. Just not 200 people/night

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Others may complain - I won’t. It’s not like I’m here all the time (I guess I won’t be at all some time soon) so I can tolerate the mark up.

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I’m with you and will pay a little xtra for good sourcing.

[quote=“bulavinaka, post:208, topic:1672”]
It’s not like I’m here all the time (I guess I won’t be at all some time soon)
[/quote]Please say that you meant “there” and not “here”. I will hunt you down if you leave FTC.

This is a coinkydink. We were going downtown today. Wouldn’t you know, Howlin’ Ray’s is closed! So I did a FTC search on Pok Pok for a chicken wing pic to show d.h. and found this thread reporting they close today. Anyway, the rain kept us inside. But I wish Andy Ricker the best.

Friday for fresh Howlin’ Ray’s Country Level @Chowseeker1999!

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Hi @TheCookie,

Yay, glad you’re going to go back and try it; I was so bummed when I saw you tried going today and it was closed (I was afraid you’d give up!). :slight_smile:

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that’s assuming one seating per night.

Can’t give up :yum:

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