Quarter Sheets Pizza Club

I believe they par bake their dough and then make their pizzas whether sliced as a slice or ordered as a a whole sheet.

Then when ordered I believe they are cooked to final doness whether sliced or whole sheet. I believe that’s how they get the airiness out of their dough.

They won’t sell you a cold slice for this reason because apparently their pizza sauce is raw.




So only one of their ovens is functioning today…might be more of a madhouse than usual for those thinking of heading over today.


I AM BACK !!! HAPPY 2024!!!

And I have to say… what was that?! Yet another example of overhyped pizza. Waited an hour in line to eat outside and had poor service… the pepperoni pizza? Bread central. Their standards were mediocre though the special they had that day was an 8//10. Having said that, I expected way better.

This is truly better as a dessert place, where the chocolate chip cookie was one of the best I’ve had in YEARS.

But otherwise? A waste of hipster time. Spend your money at a legti pizza place like Pizzeria Sei instead… similar prices too…


Yet William from Sei thinks that Quartersheets is amazing.

The two places don’t even offer the same style of pizza so I’m not sure how you can compare the two. :person_facepalming:


that’s nice of him to be respectful towards other competitors.

you can compare two different types of steak (NY vs. filet), you can compare 2 different types of fish etc this is about PIZZA.

I would honestly feel bad recommending this place to anyone I care about and them wasting their time and money. Total hype job.

If you don’t like Detroit-style pizza, don’t waste your time trying it.

I tried it because it was on the LA Times list and ranked so high. No time will be further wasted trying Detroit style pizza after the supposed “best Detroit style pizza” was so mediocrely bad. It was outrageous how long the lines were for a pizza that was 90% bread and barely any pepperoni. The most stereotypical LA hype job I’ve seen in food recently…

If the woman in charge ever opens up her own dessert place I will go there instead. The desserts were the star far and away.

reservations forthcoming

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I love the bold snobbery. But I also like Quarter Sheets. I think the hype vitriol should be reserved for the abominable Pijja Palace.

thank you!



yesss bar pie here i come!

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Yay! Does that mean 4/29 is the first reservation date as in 4/15 is the first date reservations open up, or 4/29 is when the reservation system starts as in 5/14 would be the first actual date of reservation? Not to overcomplicate but I wasn’t sure how to read it…

I think on 4/29 reservations will become available for the following two weeks, and future dates will be added two weeks in advance.

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Haha thanks.



Another buyout by FTC? :joy:I love pizza so I won’t say no.


I would be in for that!

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Serious here. +1.