Ramen Bangaichi (Los Feliz): A Pictorial Essay

Culver City Ramen Bangaichi is open.

The space is nice, much better flow and ambiance than Tentenyu.

Special Vegetable Ramen - Good.
Bento Box with chicken - Salad and pickle were excellent.
Spicy Miso Ramen - Good; the egg was perfectly soft-yolk cooked.

The broths were good, the servers very kwaii, great thin noodles, no ginger on the table (only sad note).

I’m very happy this is in Culver City.


Convenient bump. I went to the SL Bangaichi yesterday and expected much greatness, alas my hopes for Bangaichi went down in flames like USC

Had the miso Bangaichi, shio ginger, and miso vegan. Garlic fries were okay if you can overlook the fact that there is no visible garlic - they seem to be using a garlic oil. Gyoza were excellent - thin skin, great crisp. The egg as mentioned above is magnificent - a perfect 5/7. It was all downhill from there.

The chashu was not…luscious. The noodles were okay. The broth lacked dankness - the shio not as good as Santouka, the miso not as good as Jinya or the OG Mottainai. I don’t know if this is the style or what, but the broth was a major miss for me.

looking at the reply above, maybe all the chefs were at Culver city.

oof that’s too bad. I’m going to hit the Culver City location soon and will report. It looks pretty busy most of the time.

Went to Jinya today to get their miso ramen to wipe the that Bangaichi taste out of my mouth.

I think it was the style, which is from Hokkaido. I went to the Culver City location and had the butter corn ramen with the shio broth. I liked it a lot. It wasn’t dank like many LA ramen broths. However, it was much lighter but I would say flavorful in its own way.

I’m hoping to get @Dommy there soon because I think this would be right up her alley. Also, she could give a more nuanced description that I could.

or maybe all the SL chefs went to CC. Or maybe hokkaido style ramen isn’t for me, which would be a shame because all the pics of hokkaido style ramen (in hokkaido) look amazing.

But comparing the OG Mottainai miso to the Bangaichi miso? For what I had, I don’t even think they’re playing the same game.

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What, to you, is Hokkaido-style ramen? I googled, but the descriptions are all over the place.

Bangaichi is Asahikawa-style ramen, which is shoyu-based.

Sapporo is famous for its miso ramen.

Asahikawa and Sapporo are both cities on Hokkaido.