Random discussion of Covid-19 not specifically related to restaurants or food

I’m thinking this might be an unsettling read:


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We got boosters today.


Boosters will no longer be free after current supplies run out. They’ll still be covered by health insurance.

Stats still low in the SF Bay Area and LA County. This may be the last week the CDC provides that data. They’ll still publish death stats though they’re a lagging indicator. Sewage data will probably be the best early-warning for any future surge.

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Experts say there’s a 20-40% chance of another Omicron-like spike in the next two years.


Last update for this dataset.

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Slight possible trend in Oakland. Nothing similar in Santa Clara or LA.

Modest uptick over the past couple of months.

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This is not good. Last data point is July 27.

Not so such of a trend in LA.


Hyperion sewershed, which is more of central LA, is ticking up. The last data point for that is the 30th. Joint, the sewershed pictured here, ticked up on the last data point, the 26th, but maybe not a trend yet.

I’d assume these speak to waning immunity, both from infection and vaccination. Hoping they deploy the XBB update closer to Labor Day than Halloween.


Anecdotal but the number of reported cases within companies is also picking up.


Definitely true in my company.

Just one data point, but a nice change of pace.

The trend seems to have maybe leveled out here.


Or not. Latest data point is 8/17:

Latest data point is 8/20:

Dude this Spikevax vaccine by Moderna is kicking my ass way more than previous Pfeizer vaccines.
Low grade fever, and body aches. Also I am constantly hungry lol


Not good .

I’ve been seeing news stories alleging that Covid wastewater stats are super-high. One claimed that current levels are second only to the Omicron spike.

Well, not around here:

Or in LA:


Maybe they’re going by the CDC’;s national stats (which go back only to the beginning of 2022). I wonder if Alameda County and LA city are relatively low because of much higher vaccination rates? Or is the CDC just screwing things up as usual?

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My understanding is that it’s bigger than BA.1/last winter’s wave but not near the original Omicron. Of course there are questions whether each variant causes equivalent viral shedding/wastewater levels and thus can be compared.