Reporting Back: Our Trip to San Francisco - Great Breakfasts, Lunch and Dinners :)

Update 4:

We just finished our latest SF trip. Here are all of the links collated together in case it’s helpful for anyone heading up to SF.

A nice Portuguese dinner:

A quick lunch of Handmade Pasta and Pizza:

Fun, festive, tasty Izakaya:

Another stunning Modern Mexican cuisine dinner and one of the best meals on this trip at Californios:

More fantastic Dim Sum goodness:

Best Pasta we’ve had in years! Sardinian cuisine with love:

Mediocre Dim Sum, but documenting it here for reference:

Possibly the Best Sushi we’ve had in the U.S. so far. Some incredible highlights:

Some quick morning Pastries and more at:

Some of the greatest Hong Kong BBQ we’ve had in the U.S. Stunning Roast Duck!

As before, none of these would’ve been possible without all of the great recommendations from our wonderful FTC’ers! Thanks again @beefnoguy @BradFord @PorkyBelly @ipsedixit @chandavkl @J_L @JeetKuneBao @chinchi @SFDiner @robert and so many others!

Can’t wait to come back!