Republique - Stunning Brunch, Lunch & Pastries Galore [Thoughts + Pics]

I’m browsing the website and it’s mostly sweet items. Do they sell bread?

This. It’s very expensive, but it’s an “experience.” It’s cheaper than buying a plane ticket or filling up w/ the gas for a road trip. And, at 1-2x/yr, it’s fine.

I never recall seeing any bread - baguettes/boules - sold at Sycamore Kitchen.

And this is why we love you.


Like HOW expensive?

You’d have to try pretty hard to break $30 a person for breakfast/brunch/lunch, even with pastries, including tax + tip (no drinks).

Dinner is obviously a different story - it can range anywhere from $75/pp if you order carefully and avoid alcohol to easily twice that.


Mine too… and I haven’t even had it.

Great follow up @Chowseeker1999. If the chef/owners read this they would be thrilled. You even pay attention to things - unnoticed by most - like the wonderful teas.


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Yeah, I agree with the couple of times a year opinion. Not awful.

Hi @bulavinaka,

Great points. I definitely agree with you. When I showed up a few times on the weekend at “rush hour” (like 10 a.m. and on), it was a crazy. Twice we just left because the lines felt too long.

That’s why we also end up going maybe 2 - 3 times a year for brunch. :wink: And nowadays I’d rather show up earlier and beat the crowds.

Like this last visit, we got there around 9:15 a.m. or so? And it wasn’t bad at all (about 10 people in line). We were able to order, have a seat (no problems), and have a relaxing Brunch.

With the super crowded lines later on (as we were leaving), I think it would’ve been less pleasnt.

But then again, we all braved the madhouse of Huckleberry back in the day, and that’s like 1/5 the size of Republique, LOL. :smile:

Hi @TheCookie,

Thanks. :slight_smile: I think you’d like the Creme Brulee Bombolini, light, airy, and with a delicate Custard. :slight_smile:

I’m an early bird. Trying to push the family out of our home by 0730 for weekend breakfast while warning, “we’re late already!” is my standard battle cry.

The line in front of Republique encourages some, loses me. Outside of unique and truly exceptional places (like Howlin’Ray’s), I won’t waste my valuable time.


8:30 this morning, just a couple of people ahead of me.


I actually think the line moves quick. I have never waited over 20 minutes to order. Once you get to the pastries, the line actually moves too fast for me.

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Last time we went, I was shocked that no one was taking advantage of the takeaway window. With a line to the Hollywood sign, we walked in, took a look at what pastries were available and then headed back out to order from the window.

It’s a beautiful space no doubt, and if you don’t 'gram a pastry, it doesn’t count, I s’pose. But while you’re waiting in line, I’ll be three bites into my bostock, deuces up as I ride into the sunset. Vegas, here I come.


That’s why you are the President -Mochi taicho

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I’m a big fan of double-parking in the valet lot (“Keys are in there!”), and running to the window for “one baguette, one whole-grain loaf, sliced, please, and one chocolate croissant.”

It’s so L.A. urban. :slight_smile:

What @T3t wrote. :wink:

Has anybody had the soft serve at Republique? Good?

Yes. Very.

And, now, waffle cones as well.

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I have to assume the waffle cone is very good based on my sampling of baked goods at brunch. Thanks.