How was it?

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the person I gave it to said it was so good.

Grabbed “brunch” at Hangari Kalgooksu and made it to Republique at 11:30, but alas, they said the pies were gone for the day… Gonna try again tomorrow. I love pies. I love mango. I love passion fruit. I love everything I’ve ever had at Republique. Ergo, I must have this mango passion fruit pie…


you can alway preorder a slice online. best pie in the city, i said it.


Question… Can I order online but then still eat in the dining room? Because part of the joy I get there is sitting in the restaurant…

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yes, it’ll just be in a takeout box.

Mission successful. Dropped the kids off at school and the Mrs. and I hustled our way to Republique. Ordered a slice each of the strawberry passionfruit and mango passionfruit pies. The server must have known my trip yesterday ended in failure because my mango slice was massive!

I’d already talked myself into a frenzy about this pie. I’d read so much about it, seen the pictures, made the unsuccessful trip, etc., so it would’ve been so easy for this pie to be a relative disappointment. But it wasn’t… The pie crust is my favorite in LA… I suspect it may not be for everyone because it’s think and shatteringly crisp along the base but then you get that nice thick crust at the edge. I love it. Each slice must have ~1/3 of a mango that was tart and sweet, but not cloyingly so. The passionfruit cream is again, slightly tart and a bit more sweet. Not an in your face passionfruit, so as to distract from the mango, but just enough to give that hint of flavor. I honestly didn’t need the plain whipped cream on top, but I tend to prefer things that aren’t overly sweet. I mean, it is simply one of the best bites you can have… sometimes you get the crust with a touch of the filling, so it’s more a savory bite, but then other times its mango only and then you remember to do a bite with everything in it. It really is a blend of flavors, tastes and textures. Sadly, given it’s a bit of a drive for us, it’ won’t be a regular occurrence, but am hoping to make it out at least a couple more times before they switch pies.

Oh, and my wife loved the strawberry one, but she’s a strawberry type of gal!


nice glad you got to try it. they added whipped cream on top of your slice?

the slice sort of collapsed but it felt like there was a layer of white cream in between the mango and passionfruit creme? May have just been me.

oh okay I thought they added more on top for you.

there are five layers: crust, passion fruit curd, pastry cream, whipped cream and mango.


Lol, your slice was much neater than mine! The guy who cut it was transporting from pie tin to plate using two knives. Normally, I’d be annoyed but if the worst thing that happened was layers mixing together and mango falling all over my slice, that’s still a good day in my book :slight_smile: But yeah, i couldn’t tell the difference between the pastry cream and whipped cream but that was the more sweet, less fruity layer I detected which was good but unnecessary by my book! Your pic shows it so well, but that crust truly is something to behold!

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Ah, I see why what I wrote was confusing… the layer of cream “on top” mean on top of the passionfruit curd!

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ya’ll have sold me. just ordered a pie for easter sunday.


How come I didn’t know this? Did I know this? I can’t remember if I knew this. :slightly_smiling_face:


Outrageously good pie. The only other pie I remember loving as much from first bite to last was the salty honey pie from Four & Twenty Blackbirds in NY. The mango was my preference over the strawberry, but either option is delicious.


I think that’s the hallmark of unbelievably good food. When the reviews sound too good to be true and yet, the food delivers beyond those incredibly heightened expectations. So glad you enjoyed it. Truly one of my favorite bites of all time.


it’s good.

@Bagel review forthcoming?


An incredibly good pie. Thanks for tempting me into going for it! Had to add a 1.5 hour sidetrip to my day but was worth it. My only pick was that the crust was a bit tough to cut through. Tasty though. And I loved the balance of the pie. Fruit, cream, curd, everything came together quite beautifully. Totally worth it, though given distance and time to acquire I am also on the side where I’m not sure the next time I’ll get it. It is relatively close to daybird though… :thinking: Perhaps a future itinerary with a different pie if the mango is limited haha.


Yep, I have to imagine that crust is hit or miss for folks. I happen to love a crust that takes some work to shatter!


Did we all pick up pies this week or what.

Anyway, not much else needed to be said here. But that UBE BRIOCHE. God they undersell that thing on the menu so bad - there’s a custard inside and ube on top. Eats similar to a cream puff. My god.