Restaurant roundup review rankings: threat or menace

That’s great. Good for you. Your snobbish attitude towards the READERS of the rankings is the problem. No, you do not know “more about the subject” of rankings being bullshit because that is a SUBJECTIVE OPINION. You are missing the forrest through the trees.

Again, are you unfamiliar with how many movies are started on a list for “Best Picture” at the Oscars? I would think with all your critical experience you’d have at least a fundamental understanding of how other artistic endeavors are decided too.

Just because a CRITIC does not believe in awarding a “Best Picture” at the Oscars because of “all my experience as a movie critic” does not mean there is no relevance to deciding which is the best of the best (or whittling it down to a certain amount of decided “nominees”).

I take it you’re someone who just refuses to ever admit their errors or fault in anyway so no point in continuing the argument.

If this was a discussion about which restaurant has the best Mexican cuisine, yes you probably know more than me. An argument about whether rankings are relevant or not is just some narcissistic bullshit off one person’s ego and perhaps past bitter career frustrations.


My description of the process of narrowing down the entries in a big roundup review is a matter of fact, not opinion. Like I said, essays about the process by Addison and others describe it as I do.

This has nothing to do with relevance, it’s about how meaningful the rankings are in a list that long. You want to read too much into it, suit yourself. Don’t go to Pizzeria Sei since at #57 it’s obviously not nearly as good as #17, Pizzeria Bianco.

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And now you’re moving goal posts and not answering the questions I’ve asked. Chuckles. No one has disagreed about the process of narrowing down a list. Let’s ask any esteemed critic in any art form whether rankings are bullshit and if they agree to your god-like 3 tier system. After all, you know best of course. I’m sure they totally agree with you, and if not, they are wrong and privileged to think so highly of rankings.

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I’m so sorry for being unreasonable and making vapid, hostile responses.

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I was fine having a reasonable discussion until you started going on with your bizarre “privileged ranking” rant. Just because you have an opinion doesn’t make it a fact. Not how life works.


y mi tambien … in fact, my profile pic is from Etxebarri.

For the topic at hand - I’m not sure why everyone (read: two folks) is getting so riled up. Rankings are entirely subjective (Capt Obvious alert!), absolutely not un-biased, and helpful only in-as-much as the writer(s)'s taste aligns with yours. All IMO, of course.

Not sure what the correlation is with Oscars/Emmys/etc, but I can 100% assure anyone wondering that a lot of voters are not putting in nearly as much thought as people might think.