Restaurants around union square

The best bagels are at Bagel Hole in Park Slope. That’s where Russ & Daughters used to get theirs.

I Sodi and Via Carota.

Don Angie for Italian American. Rubirosa also Italian American but people go for the tye dye pizza (tomato, pesto, and vodka sauces)

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I’ll try don Angie they don’t allow rezzies until 7 days before tho!

I think you should have a backup reservation. Don Angie is notoriously very difficult to get a table at.

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Yeah I’m not wedded to it just gonna try. We already have cafe mono and Atomix booked and we might do rezdora for brunch so anything more is just cake.

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Casa Mono :kiss:
Never been to Atomix but been on my list.

If you need an ice cream fix morgensterns is relatively close and there is a laboratorio de gelato in the Bowery. There was one much closer to Union Square but it closed.

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Will put those on the list

It’s at Ludlow and Houston.


I’m so NYC neighborhood confused these days. Haha. I love that gelato. One time I did a Lupa Morgensterns Laboratorio de Gelato bang bang bang. But that was when Lupa was good. Heard it’s been downhill for a few years.

Right across from Katz and Punjabi Deli. Russ and Daughters down the block too.

Never got to try the gelato even though I passed by it so many times

I go a few times every summer. I’m not that big on dessert stuff, but it’s really good gelato. I wasn’t too impressed with Morgenstern’s, or Ice & Vice. The names of the flavors are interesting; the flavors themselves are not. According to me.