Restaurants near Immersive Van Gogh exhibit

Luv2Eat has some larger tables compared to some other Thai Town places. The menu should appease just about everyone. Like another poster said definitely call ahead to see if they have indoor dining.

Other FTC favorites are Northern Thai Food Club, it’s a smaller space that specializes in Northern Thai. Pailin is great as well the owner is really nice and welcoming. We like Sapp a lot too. The signature is boat noodles and jade noodles. The stir fry dishes are not bad as well.

Honestly Luv2Eat is probably your best bet.


Were it not for the kids and wanting to keep it reasonably priced angle, the new’ish Superba Hollywood is right around there and has been absolutely terrific across many visits.

We’re gonna try Luv2Eat although they don’t take reservations on weekends apparently!

Saving that for a date night with my wife.

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We walked down the street to Delicious Pizza after the immersive Van Gogh exhibit. It was indeed delicious.


but how was the exhibit

Take that talk to Art Talk Central! lol


Very cool, well-designed, but not OMG that’s the best thing I’ve ever seen. Imho of course.

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i was pretty disappointed. basically a 20 minute animation projected on a wall, not “immersive” at all. i was hoping for something like borderless in tokyo, so i guess my expectations were too high.


Somewhat fun and interesting but completely overpriced in my opinion. Nowhere near the level of entertainment that’d warrant the price.


Dang, should have read these reviews BEFORE my wife bought the tickets :slight_smile:

yes i went to the website and it didn’t grab me… i’d rather go stare at pictures at Norton Simon again


Viewing actual van Gogh works is gratis at the Hammer Museum. And imho a better experience than any 'grammable installation about van Gogh.


Plus free ping-pong tables and those spinning cone chairs.

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Thanks all for the wonderful recs. We ended up at Luv2Eat - early enough last night that they were able to pull together a table for 10 with a few minutes notice! An excellent meal was enjoyed by all - my 5-yo nephew who is quite the eater, looked up about halfway through and said “this is a great meal.”

We kept it pretty straightforward. Fried chicken, moo ping, jade noodles, isaan sausage, the standard noodle dishes, green curry, gai lan with crispy pork, etc. My only (minor) quibble would be most of the dishes veered towards the sweet side, although that was likely a result of us having to tone down the spice level for the kids on every dish. But overall flavors were spot on, ingredients were high quality (i.e. nice-sized, fresh shrimp versus the shriveled up, mini ones you get at a lot of Asian restaurants), and the moo ping was a standout, with the savory / sweet marinade and a nice smokiness!

Definitely better than anything I’ve had in the South Bay and for 10 reasonably large appetites, we spent $270 all-in. + my SIL was able to order to her heart’s content without making a huge dent in our bill :slight_smile:


Yeah, our Thai mostly sucks. Check out Chiang Rai if you’re ever in Long Beach, though. It’s the best Thai food that’s close by to the South Bay.

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Yeah, we’ve tried a few Thai places and given up. Will check out Chiang Rai though.

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IDK if Long Beach counts as South Bay (to me it does), but I had terrific Khao Soi at Chang Rai as recommended by @thechez5

Norton Simon is best museum in LA

Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam is probably the best museum per square foot in the world.

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