Restaurants That Are Open Late

Our favorite thai town place that was open late was always sanamluang cafe 2AM. Great stir fried flat noodles and noodle soups. Our go to dish outside of carbs was always pad kra pow.


Current hours 1:45 am seven days.

Speaking of late night, there is talk of trying to bring back the original Pacific Dining Car in Downtown LA!!!

Open 24-7 until last year, the PDC steakhouse was an LA institution before the pandemic forced its closure. It was a wonderful, old school late night dining option for many denizens and visitors of our fair city.

There is a Zoom scheduled on April 7 at 10am PST to see whether this process may proceed - Details in this link.



New location now open in Gardena. They’re open until 1:00am which is a welcome addition to this area, imo.


Thoughts on soup shop? Any good?

this spot is class


glad to see some night owls in the house.

I did like it. It’s not Little Saigon level or anything but it’s good. Maybe could use a little more salt. There are some photos of the food in the original post in this thread.

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Me?? If so, I have no idea!

We got food delivered from Soup Shop a while ago and it was fine but seemed to suffer from the travel.

Tacos Los Cholos is right by there on St College and open until 12 weeknights, 1am fri/sat. Stopped by after Angels game yesterday and got a Cholo Pizza with arrechera and costillas that was sloppy and good. Was with a friend from NJ so wanted to get something entertaining for him. Eating leftovers today noticed a few pieces of steak were nice and mid rare pink.


The smoky meats and salsa are very good but they are very disorganized. Went there once at 5pm and it was a disaster even though we ordered online ahead of time. The word is out. It took us almost an hour to get our food. The Fullerton location is not as crowded. Go during off hours.

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Jones is the best place for late night, i’m there pretty much everynight

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I really enjoy the aqua frescas too

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I haven’t been but those spaghetti and meatballs and apple pie looks absolutely delicious.