Road Trip!

Yank Sing takes and honors reservations and the Rincon branch has free parking.

Reports on Dragon Beaux haven’t been impressive enough for me to schlep all the way out there.

DB takes reservations: Reservations

As far as schlepping, can you spell 38-Geary :slight_smile:

I’ve read nothing but great stuff on it.

Yes, Dragon Beaux is definitely on my list. “Schlepping”? Where is it?

Love this post @Bookwich. SLO is edging to the top of the list. :blush:

But now I’m torn about which route to take! Maybe we could do 101 part of the way then do a stretch on Hwy 1? I’m also starting to wake up about something else… high-up, winding roads? I can tell you’re a gal who wouldn’t be bothered by this. But I don’t do well with winding, twisty (bad experience as a child). How dangerous is it? Because it won’t be beautiful if my husband has to concentrate on not crashing and his wife’s palms are sweaty and her knuckles are white.

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It’s on Geary at 21st St. SF has numbered avenues in one part of town and numbered streets in another. The Mission District has the #d streets

The 38 Geary is a city bus that runs from the Embarcadero (all the way downtown) almost to the ocean. And to gild the lily at the Embarcadero is the Ferry Building with Hog Island Oysters and other food delights :slight_smile:

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i had another great meal at liholiho yacht club recently, lots of really creative seafood dishes to share and large meat dishes for the man. and because hawaiian food is big in sf.
hog island or swan, because oysters
dragon beaux, pork belly
la ciccia, oyster stew and spaghetti with bottarga
ppq, dungeness and garlic noodles


Some of the beautiful parts of Hwy 1 are pretty high-up and winding (Big Sur area in particular), but the scenery is spectacular. I like SLO, but it’s pretty hard to beat the Monterey Peninsula for the combo of beauty and (as stated pretty accurately by @beefnoguy above), decent mid-tier restaurants. Here’s a link to my Monterey post from a couple of years ago – I doubt much has changed:

For San Francisco, we love Sam’s Grill, a very old-school place with waiters that came with the building. Simple fresh-fish preps. It’s in the financial district, and only open Mon–Fri. For a similar place that’s also open Sat. night (but good luck getting a table), there’s Tadich Grill, which is even older. And yes, definitely Ferry Plaza on Saturday morning. My vote is for crabcakes or breakfast at the Hayes Street Grill stand, or a grilled cheese from Cowgirl Creamery. My daughter loves the porchetta at Roli Roti. Go early to avoid the crowds.

Also, we like (and I may get laughed at for this) Brandy Ho’s, up off Kearny & Pacific at the edge of Chinatown. A bit of a dive, but good food. We go for the smoked ham w/garlic, and the onion pancakes. In fact, I’ve just defrosted a bag of the smoked ham and garlic from a previous trip, and that’s lunch today. The ham is really smoky. We’ll see how it survived the freezer.

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Dragon Beaux, like other Koi Palace-related properties, takes reservations but (as they sort of warn you on their web site) that doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t have a long wait.

Yank Sing honors reservations by having a table ready.

That pork belly is so, so great.

At Hog Island in the Ferry Building, it was a nice day last May and we sat on the back patio enjoying all the views. And slurped oysters and drank sparkling rose’. Mmm.

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Curious how they do that. Do they tell customers that they have to leave?

Oh yeah! I remember that report. :yum:

Since we’ve commenced the SF planning of the trip - what area should we stay in for maximum sightseeing and eating benefit? Would you do AirBnb or hotel? I’m leaning toward AirBnb.

Oh boy. If it rains I will probably have a stroke!

For me, Dragon Beaux is more of a schlep than going to Koi Palace in Pleasanton, but Yank Sing is better and a block from a BART station.

I used to drive from Berkeley to the Richmond fairly often, but since Facebook, Google, et al. expanded the Bay Bridge rush hour to 18 hours a day seven days a week, forget it.

Which is two blocks from the Rincon Yank Sing.

Well, she won’t be coming across the Bay Bridge. I don’t even know where Pleasanton is. Just not an East Bay kinda gal, I guess.

How does any restaurant honor reservations? They don’t overbook and they hold empty tables for customers with reservations.

That’s what “reservation” means. It doesn’t mean “in line ahead of walk-ins, maybe, if we can be bothered.”

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If you are white-knuckler, and I think you may be. I suggest you plan your route so that the twisty spectacular portions of HWY 1 are as you trek North. The passenger (TheCookie) will be on the mountain side rather than the plunging into the ocean side of the road.

I “enjoy” driving :slight_smile:, and my dw freaks when the precipice is on “her” side as we negotiate certain portions of the wonderful dramatic highway 1.


Yes, dear.

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Pleasanton is kind of like Rosemead.

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At least I’ve heard of Pleasanton :slight_smile: