Rodell on Pok Pok: A meditation on why we should get over ourselves, enjoy the food and not mind a lecture on Thai food by thespians

Really? I’m not a Thai food expert, but I’ve had it at a number of spots in town, all of which have bested Pok Pok’s version.

Maybe start with Sri Siam or Lacha Sumtum’s versions. While you’re at Sri Siam, also get their khao soi and nam khao tod to know how good those dishes can truly be.

Will do Saturday after a heavy night of Friday drinking :slightly_smiling:

Which do you prefer between the two?

I’ve seen duck larbs elsewhere, including Lacha’s (which, on the time I visited, had great flavor but extremely poor quality duck).

I put “ok” in parentheses. It was the only thing that night that didn’t suck. I ate it cuz it cost money and was edible, which I couldn’t say for the khao soi or the stupid fuck wings, or 1 of the kaengs we had.

SN1? I haven’t been in forever… It’s great for the other half of FTC that isn’t Chinese. I stand by that.

So far, I haven’t met one non-white person who enjoyed Pok Pok LA. #racism?

I’d go Sri Siam. I haven’t had Lacha in over a year, so I’m not sure how they’re doing nowadays. Those three items from Sri Siam are always terrific.

Obviously #haters

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@TonyC meet @matthewkang . I think you guys may even work near each other.

Continuing the discussion from Jitlada realization:

I liked Pok Pok, but more so in Portland than in LA. I went opening day in LA and had a solid, if expensive, meal. They’re still getting their sea legs imo, but I’m a fan overall. Need to go back soon but just too many damn restaurants to try right now

This place gets such a strong response from people, I just love it.

Finally got to try it and my conclusion is basically where I thought I’d be. If i had more money to burn I’d be going there fairly regularly because of quality and sourcing of ingredients and ability to order interesting things i can’t find anywhere else.

Vast majority of our Thai happens at Pailin, Spicy BBQ, Sapp but Pok Pok is different. Naturally I’m not ordering Khao Soi there. also thought that the wings in portland were far superior … but it’s things like the seasonal curried crab in portland and this Burmese pork curry were mind blowing

Where else is on the Kang to try list?

Pok Pok was tasty. There I said it, pricey but tasty, even if it’s in-authentic as critics in the food press would say.

Is it not possible to ask the server to tell the kitchen to not tone down heat levels/funk for one’s order? Has anyone tried that?

The menu clearly says no substitutions, which I also take to mean “no changes”. I do sorta remember the server saying to someone something like: “the wings are spicy, will you be ok?” Which to me also means: o we’re not going to white you (cuz we’re all white already).

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