Saltie Girl - West Hollywood

They can enable an online waiting list if they want.

That usually leads to having to still pay a “holding fee” if you do get brought in, no? And then you’re having to keep re-checking over and over and in limbo.

Something really nice about being in a neighborhood and calling a couple places seeing if they can squeeze you in. I hope this does not become a pattern at other restaurants too

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Maybe some waiting lists charge, I haven’t encountered one.

Not having or answering phones is definitely a trend.

:frowning: too bad

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I do the same thing with reservation services.

Restaurants who take only walk-ins presumably are getting enough business that it’s not worth the trouble and expense to do something else.

checked their website… and you have to reserve for 2 people! can’t do just 1 (just like Anajark Thai… but obviously in a different league)

hopefully someone here can try it instead… this doesn’t seem meant to be for me to try it haha

I’m single. Screw this place.


I don’t understand esp. with a bar why they can’t do 1 person reservations?

more I hear about this place, more it seems to personify the stereotypical “Hollywood” restaurant you go to for the scene rather than the food

Have tried Saltie Girl in Boston. it’s… fine? got a warm lobster roll (fine), with a glass of skin contact (good, if not memorable), and it came with a bag of Saltie Girl potato chips, as if they private-labelled some Lay’s potato chips. Felt odd, but they were salt & vinegar (YES!).

Service was solid but food was (again) not memorable.

Think I’d rather support Rappahannock, Broad Street, C&T, et al; but excited to hear back from y’all on the LA branch.


Phone them and ask.

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with their imaginary phone?

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I went a little over a week ago, with low expectations, and it was actually pretty decent. Party of 2 and I didn’t get to order everything I wanted to try.

Cocktails: Basillico, Pineapple, Cinnamon, Plum
Petite Seafood Tower
NE Clam Chowder
Lump Crab Toast
Tin - Codfish in OO and Garlic
SG Lobster Roll (warm)
Fried Lobster & Waffle
Scallop Carbonara
Blood Orange OO Cake
Sweetboy CCC
Saltie Chocolate “Bar”

With the exception of the Basilico, I wasn’t a fan of the cocktails. As for the desserts, I’d been wanting to try Sweetboy’s cinnamon rolls during the pandemic and I was excited to at least try some of his items finally (rolls available for weekend brunch). My dining partner loved the ccc (I did not, the cookie base was bland and I think a lot of people who aren’t fiendish about ccc like I am may be more easily taken as it’s served warm and gooey on the inside) but I’m just a bit obsessive about my cookies so I was not impressed. The olive oil cake was fine and the chocolate bar was just okay, although the caramelized hazelnuts and other crunchies were great.

Everything else hit varying degrees of pretty good. I’d ordered the lobster and waffle really just for the waffle, and actually enjoyed (the waffle portion) with its light and crisp-on-the-outside texture. The batter on the fried lobster was too heavy. I’m interested in returning to try more on the extensive tin menu.

The space suits the area of WeHo quite well (not my style- sceney), but the dishes were overall well-executed that evening. Nothing amazing but a solid option worth checking out IMO.


Went to Saltie Girl last night. It was great! Quite expensive but really, really good. The menu is huge!

We shared the beet salad and a can of smoked salmon with wonderful bread, butter and other accoutrements. My wife had a variety of oysters and a lobster roll. I had the halibut with fava beans, peas, and mushrooms. We topped it off with a blood orange olive oil cake. There was not a false step in the service or the food. Just to give a touch of realism to this mini-review, the patio was a bit drafty and noisy. Still, it wasn’t that bad. Definitely will be back.

I’m also googling some of the tinned seafood selections. Might be a small flaw in their business model since I can buy all the tinned seafood online. But they have so much more, this is not really a problem.


In that case, try