San Gabriel Valley recommendations

Gosh I been going to SGV regularly since the late 80’s, I was just a kid though so I never really appreciated the complete joys of the food scene. Meals were fit in between shopping, temple, movies (remember the Chinese movie theatre by Focus Plaza and Shau May-Kang Kang?), grocery shopping, appointments, etc. Then as I got older thru high school I was pretty content with the late night cafes you know AzN-Americans teens in the 90’s lol certain car scents you get at those cutesy stores in SGV remind me of that time…

While I appreciate the Eater coverage on my beloved neighborhood I dread reading these updates because some damn mainland Sichuan hot pot chain is opening up.

I still don’t personally get the eating out for hot pot thing that always been a thing during holiday, special occasion, etc. It really requires NO special skill like Po Po making her own dumplings and noodles or Uncle stir frying like a Boss! Make a simple broth and buy a ton of veggies, protein, fish balls/cakes, etc. Take your sweet ass time. At some point we are going to take the broth and make a quick noodle soup. If I am eating out one of the top reasons is I can’t make it at home. A kid can make a hot pot spread. Why are we lining up some Mainlanders pockets with freaking hot pot? Paying for hot pot is just lol.



Because it is delicious!

Probably too late for OP but since the thread has a general title it seems like a good place. I was wondering if Tony C’s Eater LA list posted by @ipsedixit a while back is still relevant. Any of your favorites on here? Any you loathe?