SF Bay Area pizza scene, 2016 to 2018

A alternative is to hit up liguria bakery on Stockton st . Get a focaccia from a bakery over 100 yrs old . Wrapped in paper tied with cotton string . Get there early before they sell out . Last time I was there a year ago .5 dollars for a super slab. I think they open at 7am
Next to Washington square.


Oh yum. Sounds like a great thing to take away. Thanks, E.

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Officially they close at 2:00, but they usually sell out and close early. It’s soft for my taste. The Golden Boy slice place was inspired by Liguria.

(I’ve spent hours, off and on, trying to find this!)

We had dinner last night a Baonecci and @robert thank you so much for the rec. Liked it A LOT.


Definitely a locals place. We had

Aglio Olio e Peperoncino 17
Fresh homemade egg pasta Olive oil, garlic, red peppers, fresh italian parsley

And the

Napoletana 18
San marzano tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, capers, anchovies

I’ve never had pizza crust so thin and loved it. Both of these dishes played to my love of “less is more.” Neither had too many nor too much ingredients. Service was friendly but not obtrusive. Again, thanks, sir.!

ETA: Thought I put in, but the garlic in the pasta was roasted. I haven’t had that in a long time and liked it a lot.


I describe it as Roman-style since the most common sit-down dinnertime pizza there is thin like that, but in fact the family is from Lucca.

Their web site says they’re opening at noon Tuesday-Saturday for the summer.

Cool, I’ve been wanting to check it out as it is near my office but I am never in the neighborhood at night.

I think I may have been chatting a little with the/an owner. About our age and from Lucca.

A silly aside. We took the 30 from the Marina there, had dinner (with wine of course) and took the 30 back all within our 90 minute Muni time limit. Now THAT’S a success :slight_smile: And didn’t rush.

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You got off the second bus within 90 minutes of the time you got on the first one?

I mis-wrote. We got ON the second bus within 90 minutes of getting on the first one :slight_smile: The 30 is so great. North Beach, Chinatown, Union Square and Market (aka Nordies!).

If an inspector had checked your fare after 90 minutes, theoretically you could be fined, but I suspect they cut tourists soack.

But we don’t look or act like tourists…since we lived there for 20+ years. :slight_smile: And honestly, over the years, I’ve never been ‘checked.’

Last report I saw, Muni inspectors were issuing around 30,000 tickets a month.

Okey dokey.

All Good Pizza, Bayview
After the MOMA I wanted to try Casey’s Pizza in Mission Bay but it is closed Sundays; my next choice BOUG Creole Deli also closed on Sundays; and third choice Huli Huli Hawaiian Grill also closed on Sundays but spotted All God Pizza which has been on my list to try. They operate out of a little shack with a nice little outdoor seating area with picnic tables. I got the Italian Sausage which was pretty good but had way too much going on. The ricotta didn’t really add anything and much as I love capers they gave it an off taste. Crust was good, in the super thin crackery vein with a slight cornmeal taste if you like that style. Overall it was good and I would drop by again if convenient but not a destination. Personally I prefer a little chew on my crust and to me the Yo Vinny at Pizza hacker reigns supreme in the San Francisco pizza scene.

I think I’ll start a new topic since so many places have closed.

Buma’s (Oakland): has slices, still trying to decide if it beats Rotten City for best slice in the East Bay

La Ciccia: tied with Perbacco for best Italian restaurant in SF but skip the pizza dropped pizza from the menu

L’Osteria dal Forno: if you’re doing a pizza crawl in North Beach, try a slice of the porcini

Nizza la Bella: whole pies only, NY-style thin crust, to my taste the best in the area for that style (my favorite is the San Gennaro)

Una Pizza Napoletana: whole pies only, long wait, must try if you’re into Neapolitan pizza, otherwise kind of fun for the eccentric style

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