SF Dining For One This Friday Night

Why not Californios? Sold out?

I would say Saison then!

From your list, Mourad.

At Prubechu, you ought to be more than capable of avoiding eggs, unless you are uncomfortable ordering a la carte, and the tasting menu has a ton of egg dishes on it at the moment?

Just get the Red Rice plate with all the meats, and a ton of Dinanche, if you’re really hungry get a plate of Tinaktak. It’s good eats.

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Californios is totally sold out for this weekend. That was my first choice, but the travel arrangements weren’t locked in when they still had availability.

I have to say that I am one of the odd birds who felt ripped off by Saison. I kept waiting for that “ah-ha” moment, and it never came for me.

I had a very good family style meal at Mourad (roast chicken), but not mind-blowing. The tasting menu as posted on their website sounds delicious. I really loved my one trip to Aziza and felt like some of that flavor kick was absent at Mourad, in comparison.

Just a few minutes ago, Prubechu emailed me back and said that they would be able to keep eggs away from my field of vision. I think I just might roll with it. Looks like I am going to be coming up north a bit more in the months to come. Definitely going to hit up the tasting menu at Mourad and take a deeper look at @JonDough 's recommendations above. Especially if I can saddle up to a bar seat and enjoy a nice long tasting menu alone.

@JonDough – Intersting news about Coi posted today:


Hmm, where else do you like eating in SF?

If you disliked Saison, perhaps best not to take my advice due to differences in taste haha But maybe you can benefit from just doing the opposite of what I recommend! :smiley:

I just enjoy Mourad, and there is nothing in that category back in Los Angeles, so it comes across as a touch more interesting in some sense.

You could go try Eight Tables and beat ipse for the first report on the place :wink:

Hmmm…on the Michelin-ish side of things, I have loved meals at Benu, In Situ, Progress, and State Bird. Or you could just plop me down at Zuni or Hog Island at the Ferry Building, and I will be perfectly content. A bit farther afield, Commis and Manresa both make me very happy.

Interesting. Everything is on the Michelinish side in SF it feels like, those guys hand out stars to practically anyone that makes halfway decent food.

Was Atelier Crenn also a miss for you?

Seems like COI is probably your most logical choice given that background.

If you’re willing to drive as far as Manresa though, why not consider Single Thread, or Meadowood?

I had a pretty good time at Crenn. I would be hard pressed to describe a single dish I had there though. It was fun, but my memories are not sticking – except for a sort of odd ice cream menthol lozenge thing.

I’m not willing to drive out of the city to eat this round. I ate at Single Thread this past year and had an amazing experience:

I went to Meadowood a few weeks ago and was sort of underwhelmed:

Now that Kirkely has jumped ship, I am pretty reluctant to jump right on the Coi bandwagon. My one meal at Coi under Patterson’s watch was really uncomfortable:

I liked the counter at Commonwealth. Comfortable.


From your list, Commonwealth.

Because you’re solo, and can dine at the bar.

Interesting, well unless you need to eat somewhere new, why not go back to Crenn?

Otherwise, yeah, I’d through my hat in the ring for Commonwealth or my prior gut-feeling for Mourad.

Seems like you’ve pretty much been everywhere haha Have you been to Eight Tables as well already?

Thank you for the link.

Single Thread is on my list for 2018. I am happy to hear that you had a good experience.

Other places you can eat at the bar are Californios & Mister Jius. Chris Cosentino’s new cookbook just came out so it might be hard to get reservations but there is also Cockscomb. Not sure if you would be interested in Cockscomb but I thought I would mention it.

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I had a really great meal at Cockscomb last December. Was with two others and I think that was helpful considering what we ordered (Pig skin “pasta”, roasted pig head, beef heart tartare). Everything was super delicious.

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Solo dining at Cockscomb, make a reservation and specify the kitchen bar. Otherwise you might get stuck upstairs where the counter is too shallow.

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have you thought of doing an omakase?

the chef’s counter at bellota is also great for solo diners.

Sure! What are the current recommendations in San Francisco?

I had a great meal at Sasaki. Excellent place for a solo diner. Haven’t tried the other newish places.

There’s an opening for one at kusakabe this saturday.

You are my hero. 5:30pm reso booked. Super excited. Thanks for the intel!

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Request a seat in front of kusakabe-san, enjoy.

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Kusakabe was everything. And then some. Wound up going to Nightbird last night. Not as exciting. Sitting here in my hotel room plotting to possibly have a second dinner. I’m incorrigible.

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My go-to for late night eats in SF when I’m working late at my hotel is Firepie.

Simple menu (just 3 pizzas) with fast, efficient delivery.