Shunji Japanese Cuisine Summer Test Meal: A Pictorial Essay

Who says those mosquitoes that @Chowseeker1999 is all worried about won’t invade the vehicle?

The perennially underrated/overlooked Moto Azabu is serving their omakase, their high- and low-brow sushi/sashimi plates (and extensve izakaya, beer, sake offerings) on their outdoor, upstairs patio with solid COVID protections in place.
We went last night and the fish was stupendous. Plenty of Japanses imports as well as awesome Japanese and Ca uni.


Is it really so surprising to be concerned about bugs, noise pollution and car exhaust when spending hundreds of dollars on a meal that will be served on a hot summer night next to a busy thoroughfare?

Not sure I’m following why you’re taken aback by Chowseeker’s questions.


In @Chowseeker1999’a defense imho those questions are totally merited. And I think the piling on in this case is a bit much.

When shunji makes available his patio-omakase to the general public I’m sure it will not be cheap by any typical standard and will be in line with his usual dining prices. @Chowseeker1999 did not appear to be critiquing the patio-omakase but more asking detailed questions about how the entire experience was. Questions regarding the ambiance of a fine dining establishment even during covid are relevant it’s not like you’re dining at a one dollar taco cart.

I know that these are not typical times and we should do our best as a food loving community to support the local and small business owners that we love. Restaurant owners having to adapt constantly to ever shifting regulation and guidelines has to be insanely costly and frustrating. But I don’t think that precludes us as the dining public from asking detailed questions or offering some forms of critique. We should definitely have more empathy, sensitivity, and ability to accept errors or “off days” from restaurants, but again I don’t think that precludes people from making observations about food quality or other restaurant issues (for example from saying that maybe superfine has gone downhill etc).


While you clearly spend quite a bit of money on eating out, I appreciate that you do not lose sight of the financial investment that may have more relative significance for some of us.

I had the same exact questions re: traffic noise/smells and bugs.

Edit: Also, I had Shunji for the very first time a couple weeks back. Got the appetizer “bento” box, “Sushi Box” and “Premium Sushi Box”. Around $200 all-in. We verrrry rarely eat sushi here in the US (because it is so expensive), but we ordered from Shunji to celebrate a special occasion and really loved it.


I was writing my post when you replied we used the same analogy lol!


I apologize. I did not mean to offend @Chowseeker1999 or anyone else.
The answers to the questions just seemed so comically obvious (perhaps just to me).
The experience is going to be what it is: outside, right off Pico and near the 10, with Shunji doing his best to provide great food under those circumstances.
If noise and flies and smog (or even a few darting rats, like I have seen at an Hollywood COVID al fresco meal) are someone’s concern they probably shouldn’t do it; if trying to help a restaurant one cares deeply about survive this shit, and one is willing to tolerate pretty crummy conditions in a grimy parking lot, then one should. But it won’t be the same - though the price probably will be. Is there a mosquito infestation in the area I am unaware of? I think the swaps of Santa Monica were drained in the 1920’s.


Really great mid-level place, flirting with top tier.

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Yah, I’ve been thinking lately that our support should extend past gift cards, donations and petitions to include patience and realistic expectations.