Sky's Tacos

How is this place? it’s within walking distance and I’ve never tried it.

It’s okay… not great. They have a late night taco deal. That is when to go.


I used to like buying their breakfasts for work years back. Like the diversity there

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Hi @Luluthemagnificent -

We ate Sky’s for a spell, because the options here were slim, plus we wanted to support BOB. But I wasn’t a fan - there’s a spice blend they use in everything (don’t know what it is) that I don’t like. But! don’t let that deter you, because I have friends who :hearts: Sky’s. I just passed by the new (newish?) location and it looks nice and has outdoor seating.

If you go, report back! :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve gone twice. I always get the ground beef burrito. It’s $7. Not bad at all. I totally see what you mean by that spice blend on the meat. It’s an acquired taste.