Sonagi sushi

Thought the sushi at kura was decent and generously portioned at time, not mind blowing or top notch.

Hope this place is great since it’s so nearby


agreed. neta was okay but I just couldn’t get passed the gummy, wet, broken rice and the dry, fibrous, shards of gari.

not sure if I’m more disappointed in the meal or eater writing three separate stories on them, already crowning them the best omakase in the city, a master class of modern la sushi and a polished omakase destination. they’re really doing them a disservice by putting them on this unrealistic pedestal. they are a fine mid-tier 175 dollar omakase and it’s not fair to compare them to the $300+ places.

corn chawanmushi, uni, shiitake

ankimo tart, astrea kaluga caviar, sungold tomatoes


grilled kuromutsu arare-yaki (kagoshima)

samegarei (hokkaido)

kinmedai (chiba)

isaki (nagasaki)

kanpachi (tokyo)

shiro ebi (hyogo)

hon masu (hokkaido)

maguro zuke (hawaii)

kohada (chiba)

muki hotate (hokkaido)

ishigakigai (iwate)

anago (nagasaki)

uni (hokkaido)

toro taku, ikura temaki

dolsot abalone rice (jeju)

awase dashi

miso butter atsuyaki tamago

ebony rose pluot sorbet


looks pretty good for $175 you snob @PorkyBelly

@matthewkang defend your honor.


for $175 + 10 I’ll take sawa.


because you’re such a sweet guy @Clayfu, the astrea was good. where’s my boba? :bubble_tea:


The 20-course omakase is already astonishing, showing Son’s attention to detail coupled with his friendly persona….It’s hard to think of a better omakase in the entire city of Los Angeles right now - it’s simply that good.

Agreed, PB is pretty snobby :joy: but I think this is crowning :crown: he’s referring too. Now that you’ve arrived as an influencer, I’m sure you can think of some better in the entire city. We deserve to to be clayfuenced.


Nothing to defend, if PB feels that way that’s on him, I won’t disagree with him. I have my own thoughts that I’ve shared and continue to feel that way. Nice photos, btw.

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Boba is in the mail.


Thank you for taking one for the team. I have complete trust in your reviews which are always spot-on, so will not visiting this place.


Enjoyed dinner here tonight. Rice was well done. Maybe he took @PorkyBelly criticism to heart.

Fine value at $175.

There was a Korean summer kimchi chilled soup noodle at the end with Hokkaido snow crab that was delightful. That, the monkfish liver tart (legit did not need caviar to be delicious), the castle stone clam were my favorite bites of the evening.

Caveat - astrea client.


Pretty sure I contributed to the @Clayfu ’s daughter’s boba fund last night. Tasty meal, great vibes, I’m not going to comment more because I’m a sushi novice :face_holding_back_tears:


Lol I wanted to try it, but I never felt the hype. I only heard of the hype because it’s the same person who does katsu sando (or is involved with sando), which is good, but it mimics Japanese sandwiches, but they aren’t true Japanese sandwiches. I place sando like an outliner sandwich place that’s a little column A and a little column B. Now, I will try it, but I wonder if inaba is better or does this place tie with inaba?

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different style sushi spots. Also different price points.

Inaba is a better sushi spot but it’s playing in the big boy realm at its price point but Sonagi has its place at the top of the $200pp and under realm. It plays a bit with flavor profiles that are outside of your traditional realm of sushi. Ingredient quality is super high. Daniel is also constantly evolving to hone in on his craft


Went here last night. I absolutely loved it.

Rice was on point, some great play with non-traditional flavors that didn’t read as gimmicky/showy. they were excellent hosts and made for great conversation. I love Shunji/Kaneyoshi but felt more compelled to revisit Sonagi again because I just had a very fun time and everything was delicious? Seikogani dolsot dish was a knockout.

Price point is crazy low for what you’re getting.

Good stuff


was there last night too (first seating)! :slight_smile: even better than our first visit back in July, sharper, better, cleaner flavors and that dolsot finish was tremendous.

here’s the menu from last night


Homie! I was at the later seating. Sad to have missed you or else I would’ve definitely said hey.

The sawara, kohada, and all things crab/shellfish last night were my jams. Glad you also enjoyed.


oh yeah I forgot to say my absolutely favorite dish was the carabinero sushi…mind blowingly good


The neta sourcing looks to be of very high quality

it’s sakasyu, on par with mostly everyone else