SoulPhil Brunch Pop Up August 27th! *Filipino & Soul food fusion*

Hi everyone! My name is Tiana Gee, I am a Filipina and black Los Angeles native. I’m a chef & a creative. I’m all about culture, community and connection. I have a pop-up restaurant called SoulPhil and I’ll be having my first ever brunch event on August 27th! Read the blurb below for some more insight on SoulPhil!

SoulPhil is a unique pop-up restaurant that is heart crafted by Chef Tiana Gee, a Filipina and Black Los Angeles native. SoulPhil is chef Tee’s way of celebrating her heritage through Filipino and soul food fusion. Chef Tee is dedicated to creating a memorable dining experience that highlights the rich and comforting flavors of soul food with the bold and aromatic elements of Filipino cuisine, using locally sourced ingredients. Since SoulPhil has emerged, there have been raving write ups, reviews and sold out events. Chef Tee has had numerous successful pop ups in Los Angeles, New York and at Food and Wine’s Family Reunion fest in Virginia. Chef’s creation is the perfect highlight for fusion foods and a delicious way to get to know who she really is. “Her food tastes like colors”, is one of the best ways to describe what you will be getting a taste of at one of her infamous pop ups.