South Bay Staples

My dad lives right by there but I seldom visit (unless it’s for a market sushi). I forgot about the booths there. I’ll inquire!

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I generally think that the 2nd generation Korean fried chicken places are all a rip off. Some of them like bbq chicken don’t even taste good.

However honey dress chicken in Torrance does a quality fry and if you go Monday thru thurs 2-5 their hh is 95 cent wings. It’s a steal for some big meaty wings.

They usually sell a three wing combo with fries and a drink for 10.85+tax.


Sidecar donuts always a good choice but also always a lot of regret because I ate a whole large donut lol

Pizza from Tommy and Atticus pretty disappointing. Good flavor in the crust but that was about it gummy, not crisp, oily, and salty. Gotta do better.

Their cookie is really good but also 5 dollars so it’s kinda a qpr thing

Cara Mia scone woww so good fluffy light and not too sweet. I haven’t had anything else of theirs but I think they might be one of the best bakeries in South Bay.

I really carb loaded today and that doesnt even include the secret pizza and prime slices I had.


Sad day for me. A1 BBQ closed its doors for the last time this weekend. I loved the two ladies at the front and had many a good lunch there since moving to South Bay in 2021. A lot of their food was very well executed and their spicy wontons remain my favorite in the area. Sucks to see them go!


Anyone tried Canaan Cafe?

I know this isn’t Japanese but Marsatta Chocolate has opened a shop in Old Towne Torrance and is pretty dang good, they are pretty generous with samples as well.


La Espanola sandwiches are the best

House. So much flavor.

Anchovy and Tomato. This is probably my second favorite here. I just love the umami funk of the anchovy mixed with the sweet fresh tomatoes.

How about that bread! So good. Grab a bag of those olive oil chips from Torres too.

The complimentary olives they give you is such a tasty mix.

Not really social media pretty. Not what Americans think of when they think of sandwiches. Almost too simple for some. I love those sandwiches you get in Philly and NYC but sometimes those get a little too much. The older I get the less appealing those monsters are. The high quality imported Spanish meats are better than any Boarshead/Dietz Watson and the like. While these bocadillos are small they pack so much flavor and quality.


Vallarta pic dump

Chicken and beef soup kits.

They have choice arrachera cuts but also the beef offal and beef bones offerings are pretty good.

Chicharron offerings! What is good?

Guac Station

I like the juice bar here.

Have to come back for these tortillas so I can make breakfast burritos with Chinese sausage from Mow Lee Shing Kee (SF Chinatown).



10 different El Yucateno hot sauces


Some NYC coffee


That airy Galician bread is perfect with the anchovies and tomatoes.


Damn. What fire!!

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The best


So good!!!

One of the best sandwiches around!


My favorite

Serrano ham, cured sausage, machete cheese, piquillo peppers, evoo

So simple and good.

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Anyone had 808 Hawaiian Grill?

Wasn’t there a Matiki in Carson?

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I think the Matikis went out of biz

Tomizo ramen a very good miso ramen. Flavors were excellent and noodles had the right amount of q. Not too salty and i like how they offer more than just tonkotsu ramen. Also very affordable at 12 bucks and open late.

Apparently their tsukemen, corn scallop ramen and spicy miso are specialties. Will be back to try.


A new contender has arrived? Beef ribs AND legit looking poke???


Canaan is solid. The only issue is the menu is very limited. Beef noodle soup is simple but satisfying. Scallion pancakes excellent - not too oil / fried, but crisp exterior with chewy interior and lots of scallion. They have stinky tofu - pricey but good and the only place inside of 30 minutes to get it from where we live. Dishes are all well executed. But, the entire menu is like 30 items… Hopefully, they expand their menu as they get more established.

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