South Bay Staples

Tacos El Goloso. Birria taco specialists. Birria is tender, juicy and flavorful. The consomme is salty but not overly so and strong. We’ve been there 3x in the last 2 weeks after finally trying it. A huge birria quesadilla is $9.95. 5 tacos dorados stuffed with birria and cheese are $15. With two teenage boys in the house, this has been a godsend for my pocketbook. Only complaint is the dorados can sometimes be overly greasy and today, we must’ve gotten the end of the birria that was soaking in all the grease, so everything was a bit heavier than normal. But a delicious meal overall and the team working the register and grill is super friendly!


J tranis a third generation staple in Pedro. Doing red sauce Italian with some odd but tasty Asianish flavors.

Super old school neighborhood spot love the old time feel not trying to be hip in the least bit. Feels like I’m dining out in the 90s servers dressed in black and all the regulars know the staff. Highlights were the pork chop paremsan w vodka pasta, linguine clams, scallops and whole calamari. Although there wasn’t a bad dish in the bunch. Pork chop parm better than Donna’s chicken parm.


Rollibob Gimbap at Hannam Del Amo on a table by the registers.

Pickle and cucumber hosmaki at Nijiya. Don’t see this too often.


What conservas are best at la espanola?

Agromar angulas
Daporta navajas (in brine)


It’s been a while since I had their sandwiches. I love the house special and the tomato-anchovy. Low key some of the best sandwiches around


J Trani’s was a regular spot our boss would take customers to when visiting. Great to see them still kicking butt.


Anyone know anywhere that does good custom cakes?

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Adore Dessert Cafe, European. Lido Bakery, Three berries Layer cake is pretty well known.

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The always stellar rieras sandwiches


Give Baba’s a try one day. You can also ask him to add chips into your sandwich.


Ohhhh chips in sando that’s pretty next level

What are the go tos?

South Bay jinmi x Otafuku bang bang

If I lived closer I would be at these places every week. Two out of the top 10 restaurants in South Bay a block away from each other.


soba noods nsfw


Try the soondae bokkeum next! Haven’t tried all of South Bay Korean but I am pretty confident this is one of the best

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I will try to bokeum next time but also part of my brain is like that’s such a waste to use fresh soondae and stir fry like that.

Tommy Atticus - bagel very reminiscent of gjusta and also 18 dollars.

Wait was over 20 min for the bagel. Wish they told ppl that before they ordered.


Pirozzi’s. Breaded eggplant, feta, cucumber, tomato, oil-vinegar, toasted baguette. Would have liked a little more eggplant but a very tasty sandwich. They make in-house sausage btw if you need some for some sausage and peppers.

Bread has a nice texture and thankfully they did not bisect the roll. I really wish places would stop bisecting the roll.

You will get some east coast vibes from here. The current family are not the original owners but are committed to keeping it the same. There is a Croatian menu item on the menu

Jospeh’s Bakery. In a residential neighborhood. Old school it still has an old register, and the owner will count back your change to you! (Cash only) Reminds me of some Italian bakeries in Philadelphia that will also sell pizza or tomato pie. No sweet tooth today for me but they have cookies and sweet rolls. Would have liked the crust a little more crisp for my tastes and maybe a little less cheese. I am thinking the move is to order ahead for pickup for a sheet and maybe ask if they can make it more crisp.

San Pedro is an interesting area. Will be back in the area because I found some stores I like and some spots I want to try.


For any Harry Potter fans check out Steamy Hallow at the mall. Potter themed coffeeshop.

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Wadatsumi is now Waraku