Stella WeHo opening soon

What’s the buzz?

Are people excited?

I’m pleased to see things being done that I think aren’t now like the long Romana pizza, the zabaione rich tiramisu etc

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Will probably go to friends and family end of the week. Will let y’all what’s up if I do. Looking forward to it as a more innovative level of Italian in the city

Caveat : astrea client


Like the chef a lot. Worked a popup with him in NY with Sean Brock years ago and he made some stellar dishes


+1 has his food at Buca while visiting Toronto many years ago and was impressed. I’m curious how he’s evolved since then and how it compares to the current high bar in LA.


Photos courtesy of unverified Max from F&F night:

Wait, are you max?!

Haha my bad. No I am not.