Suggestion for July 4th in LA for group of 4?

AOC was my first thought, but they’re closed for the holiday.

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Aaah, you are right I should have checked. Maybe it is best to focus on restaurants attached to hotels as they might be more likely to be open.

I actually considered this… but there’s some crappy vocal group that will probably be singing a bunch of patriotic songs that will make us want to catch a cab in the opposite direction, haha.

Nothing a few $42 bottles of wine can’t fix.

  • Osteria Mozza

  • Kali

  • Odys and Penelope

No idea if any of them are open the 4th, however.

Republique is open on the 4th, has open tables, and is less than 10 minutes from your hotel, it’ll be pricier than your sample restaurant though.

Animal is another option but have no idea if they’ll be open.


71 Above is also open on the 4th, i’m sure you’ll be able to catch some fireworks somewhere from 950ft up.


Republique (formerly Campanile) is an amazing space.

Thanks! I made a reservation for 8 pm!

I’ll keep searching but it looks like this is where we’ll likely end up, which is fine by me as the food looks great!

Would you recommend one over the other? (Rep vs 71A)

71A would admittedly be very fun with fireworks shooting off around us… and the price is right on at $70/head!

food is going to be better at republique, 71A you’ll get amazing views


Does anyone have any idea what the scene at Barnsdall Art Park might look like on July 4th? Is ti going to be packed and impossible to drive in?

depends on what you’re looking for.

At 71above everyone gets their own app, salad, and main with choices to please every palate. the space and views will definitely impress and it will be cheaper.

Republique’s space is also great, the food is better and more inventive and will be shared, but more expensive.


Does Republique only seat communally at that long table under the vaulted skylight, or are there individual/private tables as well?

they have 2 and 4 tops as well


There are many individual tables. I’ve heard different reports about whether you can ask for them - I’ve always requested them when needed (usually when dining with grandparents) via online reservations and never had any problems, but it could’ve been a coincidence. Never hurts to ask, though. I suspect you have better odds if your reservations is far enough out, and this one would be.

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forgot to mention republique will be louder, if that matters.


another option is to enjoy the “free” view at the 71above skylounge pre/post dinner for the price of a $16 cocktail.


Yes it’ll be a zoo. Dont’ bother

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Ate at 71 Above last night.
View is stunning.
Group of 7-- 3 dishes pp x 7 = 21 dishes. Maybe 3 dishes were excellent (the crudo appetizer, the foie gras mousse, and I can’t remember the other decent bite); the rest neutral-to-bad.

My main was Spring Lamb Loin, Crépinette, Ramp Panisse, Fava, Plum, Pickled Mustard
The crepinette had more salt than lamb.

We all agreed never to dine there again.