Surfas new digs

Okay, so at this point, does anyone know what “soon” means, as I’m most interested in seeing Surfas new selection of decorating sugars in time for Easter egg cookie season…

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Look up.

Excuse me, I’m asking a question regarding the RED TEXT at the bottom of the poster.

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I’m guessing since it is food which is not being sold, they have to wait for health department inspections which could take for ever.



Surfas has reopened with a caveat; due to a City of Los Angeles bureaucratic mess up, they can’t sell food. They currently have equipment (ranges, giant mixers, refrigerators, etc.) and cooking and baking supplies.

I went today and had such a nice time. Mr. Surfas and his longtime employee, Frank, greeted us warmly. Until they can sell food, Mr. Surfas is bringing his charming dog, Reagan. Reagan loves being petted by any and all customers.

They have good prices on everything they have in stock. For example, I got two Fat Daddio anodized aluminum 8" X 3" cake pans for $6.63 each. These pans are currently selling on Amazon for $14.99 each.


We went there yesterday as well!! Having been stalking the location weeks after week since it’s on our way to mass, we were thrilled to finally be able to pop by! I was so happy to see so many old and new faces creating a buzz! However, the location was a bit different than what I expected… the parking lot was a bit smaller than I imagined, which made me glad we decided to park on the street.

Also I would recommend that if you are coming from the West, to get off on Crenshaw and then come up as a left on Arlington can be a feat sometimes… From East it just makes sense going down Washington all the way.

As for the experience, the entire shop seems a bit smaller than the previous, mostly because of the layout. Also, the Cheese and Charcuterie counter is going to be attached to the Cafe Counter. So we’ll see how they manage that. As mentioned, the food items are not in stock, and once they fill the shelves and the cold cases get buzzing, I think it will feel like the old Surfas again very quick. Nevertheless, we made it out with a few items because it still very much baking weather…


I loved Surfas. I was there about 10 years ago. Went to an event from the guy who runs the Koji truck. Telling us about his tacos and had some to eat. I bought a couple great sheet pans. And some other pots and pans. Love this place so lucky to have

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And the shelves and fridges are now stocked! See ya’ll there tomorrow!



THANK YOU SO MUCH @Dommy!! I can’t wait to check it out!!

Do they have the spice section yet? If so, do they have blue fenugreek aka utskho suneli?

I went to Surfas today.The spice section is up and running. Here is a link to their website so you can call to see if they have blue fenugreek.

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Even though this new Surfas is so close to us… it’s been hard getting there as often as we’d like because they aren’t open on Sundays and close early during the week.

Luckily last month they started a Third Thursday’s happy hour where they stay open late and have various events! We’ll be by this week…



Great news!!! Surfas will be open on SUNDAYS for the Holdays! It will be open Sundays starting November 18 thru 30th. They are open Christmas Eve and New Years Eve. But GO ON SUNDAYS! Hopefully they get such a good response they will open on Sundays regularly.


Thank you Dommy. That is great news!

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Oh my! I didn’t post this last year… which tells you all about my frame of mind… :wink:

Surfas has started their Holiday Hours which means they are open on SUNDAYS! During the Pandemic, Surfas had limited hours… but thankfully they recently expanded all their hours as well…


Yes! I was there yesterday at 2ish :smiley: so happy


Annual reminder the Surfas is open on Sundays for the Holidays! Also Fred the knife sharpener is back. So call for the deets. Finally, they had this last time I was there and is it RIDICULOUS!


Just left here getting some anson mills grits. What else is good to get? what about cooked food? How are the burgers?

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I love the flours from Central milling. They have a really nice selection of vinegar’s as well. I will sometimes get sausages from the freezer section and of course chocolate chocolate chocolate.