Sushi (lunch) near Santa Ana Courthouse?

Time: Lunch
Day: Weekday (either Thursday or Friday)
Location: Santa Ana Courthouse (within 5 minute drive)
Price: Flexible
Party: 2 (maybe 3)

Thank you.

Sushi Murasaki. Probably more like 10 minutes away though as it’s on the opposite end of Santa Ana.

Don’t think you’d be able to get from the courthouse to Marasaki in under 15 minutes and you’d have to catch a bunch of lights. But definitely the best within the general vicinity.

Maybe Maki Zushi in Tustin would work bc of freeway accessibility and the 5/55 is pretty empty during weekday lunch hours.

Sushi Wasabi could work if you drive like Vin Diesel.

Don’t you mean “Dom”?

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Looks like nothing in the immediate vicinity (which is what I feared).

So, if we expand our circle to 10-15 minutes drive time (middle of a weekday), what say you fine denizens behind the Orange Curtain?

Still Wasabi, Maki Zushi and/or Murasaki?

Thank you as always.

Those 3 are pretty equivalent although I do like the white board specials from the kitchen at Murasaki.

If you expand to 20 minutes I would say Kasen is the best in terms of fish quality.


20 minutes is stretching it, even 15 really is. 20 minutes and we’d probably be able to make it back up to LA.

Drive your lambo that day. Leave that slow Aston Martin at home.

If I had a sidecar for my Panigale R, then maybe …

Wanna borrow my (street legal) Zonda? I know it’s “older”, but dayum…

But only if it has FasTrak so I can properly rev out that AMG V-12 on the 261 hwy in all of its glory.

Then I’m glad the license frame is from the 11-99 Foundation…

Better me thinks just to outrun the highway patrol.

Horacio would be quite displeased if a Dodge Charger (or heaven forbid, a Crown Vic) chased down his first born child.

Yes, Dom.