Swan Oyster Depot

Just have to ask: was this dinner for six or eight? :slight_smile:


crab back
No guts no glory. i could just eat this with bread all damn day. why don’t we have this in fuckin la?


dozen oysters

dozen eggs


happy year of the bacon


Wish they took reservations for lunch.

pro tip - if it’s a nice day, bypass the line, order takeout and make the squirrels jealous by eatting at the picnic tables in lafayette park.

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Awesome suggestion, appreciate it!

What kind of crab is that?

Hi @PorkyBelly,

Looks delicious! :slight_smile: Thanks for the report. For the crab back, is that tomalley only, or is there also crab roe mixed in? Either way sounds great. :slight_smile:

Not likely any crab roe. Commercial fishermen cannot legally harvest female dungies.

If you enjoy crab roe, you can catch and keep female dungies. Recreational crabbers are not gender restricted.

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no roe, just the brains, fat, liver and crabby innards. it’s served cold and is rich, briny, buttery, a little bitter and with just a hint of seafood funkiness.

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From others replies it appears to be Dungeness. I guess the small size is because it’s so late in the season.


Yep, they’re all small.

Perfect description of the crab back. It’s exactly how I remembered it.


As a side note, Phil Rosenthal got food poisoning on his Netflix show and you can kind of deduce that it was this place.