Taberu - Arts District

Anyone been? New restaurant looking at photos food looks pretty good

You mean the place in the Arts District?

To preface-- first time caller, long time listener. I appreciate all the intel that is contributed here from all of you generous FTC members, for my consumption.

With that said, IMHO, Taberu is an excellent spot that hits the intersection of- good menu/ pricing/ ambience/ service. Is it the most ‘authentic’ yakitori experience-- no. But it is a fun, modern and stylish addition to the ‘yakitori/ izakaya’ offerings in the neighborhood-- obviously including Little Tokyo. And as a LONG time DT & Arts District resident, it is a much welcomed addition to the neighborhood. From what I have been told, they have askewed the common, and often pricey, option of food PR from the outset, which is really impressive. I have been to Taberu about 4 times now and it was always very busy when I was there, with the food being delicious and the service ranging from excellent to above-average, to which is understandable for a new restaurant.

FYI- the entrance is next to Kreation Juice Bar, which is next to the entrance of Wurstkuche on Traction.



Welcome and thx for that info. Any specific dishes you recommend?

Thanks! I humbly accept, as you have provided so, so much useful info to me. Glad I can contribute


They have an extensive list of yakitori-- which is all done in the ‘yasai maki’ style and wrapped in thin pork. Their appetizer list is long as well, which for me is where they shine, as they get a bit inventive here. I’d say go heavier on that side of the menu and add a couple yakitori skewers on top. Standard sake/ sochu list and they have a couple fun sake/ sochu based cocktails as well.


Awesome appreciate I will report back

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Welcome to FTC!!!

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Mrs hippos and crew had a pretty meh dinner there. But she said the service was nice and it was reasonably priced.