Taco cart/truck for a party of 30 in OC

Howdy all, I’ve been tasked with finding a taco truck or cart or the like for a party of 30 or so. Location is San Clemente, budget is decent to good. I was thinking Tacos 1986 perhaps. They seem to be big on the catering game. Was also gonna write to Villa’s, but that seems unlikely.

The point here is food cooked on the spot, rather than a big catered meal.

Anybody have any ideas?

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no idea if any of these do 30 people and also travel down, but they have catered at some point… and the taco quality is high
ek balam (https://www.instagram.com/ekbalamyucatancuisine/, https://www.yelp.com/biz/ek-balam-yucatan-cuisine-los-angeles-3, https://lataco.com/cochinita-pibil-ek-balam)

bee taqueria?

maybe holbox still has its truck???

birria pa la cruda (not sure if they’re still doing catering right now; https://www.instagram.com/birriapalacruda/)

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my god if holbox had their truck i’d lose my mind. :smiling_face_with_tear:

also, thanks for these recs. Haven’t heard of Ek Balam but I reached out!

edit* oh my god Holbox does cater. !!!


Prices are honestly crazy good. I am trying hard to make this happen, ha


I’m having Mariscos Los corchos cater for us soon

Just use Esparzas eater taco guide and reach out to the trucks on insta most of them are super responsive


Messaged them, thanks!