Taco Vendor

for sure, I’m just trying to clamp down those inevitable suggestions.

Del Taco has a fiesta pack, 6 tacos and 6 bean and cheese burritos for $10



Pour Vida from Anaheim. I don’t know how much they charge though.


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@Ns1 How did you know that there have been times that their performance deserved exactly Del Taco? Mind reader!


Check with Tire Shop Taqueria (4069 S Avalon Blvd).

You’ll have to go in person to inquire, as to this day, I still dunno if they believe in the telephone.

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@ipsedixit Thanks! They are still telephone shy…there may have been a website at some point in time, but that doesn’t work either.

Hi @attran99,

Not sure if it’ll fit your criteria (but ask them), but you might consider Tacos La Carreta (our favorite Carne Asada Tacos around here). :slight_smile:

They use mesquite charcoal, their Carne Asada is so good! I posted some thoughts and pics in the Taco thread.

They do catering, but not sure how much they charge.

Tacos La Carreta
(562) 500-5581
(562) 377-2819

Good luck!


Highly recommend Tacos Los Anayas - I know they cater but do not know their rates.
Address: 4651 W Adams Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90016


Thanks, @Chowseeker1999! I remember your taco excursions well! Do you know if they do more than just asada? I’m related to some weirdos that may need more than beef options.

Hi @attran99,

At their normal setup, it’s only Carne Asada, but they also have frijoles (beans), and given their cooking skills, I was thinking for Catering, they might be able to accommodate. It wouldn’t hurt to ask, hopefully they can give you various options. :slight_smile:

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a realtor friend of mine did an open house for brokers and hired someone who was supposed to provide tacos for 50 people.

i happened to stop by. the vendor had a grill on which he heated the corn tortillas and reheated the precooked meat, with salsa, onions, etc. on the side. they were ok. i was told that the fee was $385.

www dot jenniosonsitetacobars dot com is their website.

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Out of your budget but:


Zingo Tacos, $450 carne de res al carbon + 1 other meat, grilled on site, ~60 ppl.
Luz: 323-201-1786

They own a shop in El Sereno – we started under a freeway and now we’re here – and they are regulars at the MPK Farmer’s Market. $100 can easily be made up by CASH MONEY graduation gifts, and no pinatas. I mean literally F pinatas.


Holy shit need to throw a party ASAP.

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Hi @attran99 -

Maybe too late?

IIRC you live in the Whittier area? We recently talked Chema’s Tacos into doing food for a baby shower. How’d we do it? We asked so many questions about reheating, keeping tortillas warm, etc. they finally said f-it, we’ll do it. :grin: They set up grills in the parking lot and it was the bomb!

Either way, have fun. I love reading your party posts.

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You are throwing one. You’re doing the FTC Meet-up. Haha… just kidding… kinda’ :slight_smile:.

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Thanks, all! It’s been an extraordinarily busy two weeks in our household…so busy I hadn’t had time to even call the great vendors you all suggested. My husband told me he would take care of it…and we ended up with a surprise dinner for me and recognized the kids at the same time because the guest list was exactly the same. The smorgasbord were some of my favorite things…I’m pretty sure I didn’t have a chance to eat everything he picked out.


Wow… your husband took care of ordering all that? I’ve clearly trained mine wrong. I have trust issues when it comes to party planning :grin:.

Where did you end up getting everything?

Great spread - love the cake - thanks for sharing!


@TheCookie I am just as surprised as you are…little did I know he was capable of this…I’m the one who usually arranges for everything and he just shows up. He apparently thought an army or two was coming to our house. He ordered everything except for the House Special lobster and lobster noodles…he subcontracted that one out to my Mom. My cousins picked up strawberry croissants from Cream Pan. Here’s a short rundown of what items were ordered from where:
Brodard (Garden Grove) - shrimp paste rolls, grilled pork rolls, bo bia (sauteed jicama and carrots with egg and Chinese sausage) rolls, banh kot (egg/rice flour/tumeric cups filled with shrimp)
Kebab Crush (Artesia/Cerritos) - lamb kebobs, chicken shwarma, beef shwarma, rice, tomato-onion-cucumber-bell pepper salad, hummus, pita, and garlic sauce
Hello Sushi (Bellflower) - spicy tuna rolls, salmon rolls…and some other rolls that my cousin didn’t photograph
Northgate Market (Norwalk) - Made to order gaucamole, salsa, chips
Rossmoor Pastries - white cake filled with fresh strawberries…there was only enough cake leftover for 1 slice…it was so good (in addition to being clever)

I will have to keep the list of taco vendors for another time. Thanks to all who made recs!


Are we married to the same guy? But I jest, he’s great at pick-up :grin:.

This is fantastic. Thanks again for sharing!

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@TheCookie Likely! Haha…pick-ups are the only thing I trust for him to handle. If ever consulted for menu, he’ll create the most non-cohesive meal ever…and we’ll likely have leftovers for the next week. However, he’s great at managing our bar and drinks for parties.

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That’s funny. Yep, hubby admittedly has no interest in party planning, can’t cook and has no interest in learning. Fine. But he does come up with good places for particular situations, and strangely enough always orders the better dish at restaurants.

Now, that is a great thing.

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