Tacos - Daytime

What is a good taco place to go get tacos in the daytime? At Leo’s the Spit comes out after 6or7pm, and el Chato doesn’t get started until 9pm.

I need something good early.


In addition to above, Mariscos Jalisco and Tacos Quetzalcoatl


almost anyplace that’s a brick and mortar will fit the bill, I think. Some ideas:

Chichen Itza
Flor de Yucatan
Los Anaya
Kogi Taqueria


El Momo too

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Tacos El Compita on Hoover across from Smart & Final. Fried tacos(dorados) de barbacoa, I think they open at 8am and leave by 3pm? They’re tortas and burritos are good too.

tacos quetzalcoatl early open and veggie options


Does anyone know El Momo’s actual weekly schedule? I’ve always had trouble finding where they are located throughout the week.

Check their IG


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thanks for the tip!

the aporkalypse!


Los Anaya is where I go.

wish Momo and Ricky’s and Tireshop were closer.

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Colonia Tacos Guisados

Lamb barbacoa


I had this today. Delicious. Didn’t love the beans, but not bad. I like Campos beans.

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Love that place!

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What is your favorite from there?

I usually get the lamb barbacoa and whatever else sounds good at the time.

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If you’re in OC, El Toro Bravo is a solid option. Their carnitas are some of the best I’ve ever had. Their chicharron, al pastor, and carne asada are also great. Tacos are on house-made tortillas and huge. Two is more than enough for me.

Can someone rec a day time taco place in SFV not related to Salsa & Beer or Melodie/Las Fuentas.

Does anyone even come close to the heights that TST does in SFV?

I’ve got two:

Taco Truck on Sepulveda outside of BevMo (diagonal from Target) north of Burbank (the borrego is delicious, as is their red salsa):

Haven’t been in a couple of years, but San Marcos Grill on Hazeltine just south of Oxnard had great asada & al pastor:
Note: Yelp reviews point to San Marcos going downhill recently…

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Barbacoa. But I will destroy 5 or 6 when I go because I don’t get a chance to eat there often. I do like the vampiro and I like the one with pumpkin, too.

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Have you tried the octopus mojo verde and flank steak flautas at Bizarra Capital? :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

If you haven’t, you may want to stop there for those two items.