Tamago Alert @ Mori

Excellent lunch at Mori today. Served an excellent shrimp based Kasutera (sponge cake style) tamago towards the end. Terrific texture and flavor served with a light dab of shoyu and wasabi. I believe this is the first time I’ve had this style at Mori.

They continue to offer a stellar QPR IMO here in LA. Itamaes are all excellent, great rice and shari served at right temperatures to optimize flavor.

My meal comprised of the following (sorry no pics):
Ishidai - stone snapper
Suzuki kelp marinated
Sawara - salt marinated and lightly seared
Sakura masu - cherry trout
Wild Shima aji
Kasuo dai - salt marinated with yuzu
Maguro - North Carolina bluefin
Otoro - Boston
Tsoui Kani (sp?) - Japanese snow crab from Kanazawa waters. Lightly warmed.
SB Uni - flawless
Tamago w shrimp
Kuruma ebi


What was the damage?

$129 OTD. Forgot to mention there was also a tofu appetizer and ice cream dessert.


That’s a fucking deal. Is that the same nigiri omakase they offer at dinner? Does Maru-san work lunch?

Just checked notes from my past dinners. Usually about 4-6 additional courses and more substantial appetizers. Yeah Maru was there too. My itamae today was Yoshiyuki.