Teto Sweets (Monterey Park)

I apologize in advance, but I need to get this off my chest.

But I think I’m addicted to the bacon tapioca bread balls at Teto Sweets.

And for some strange reason, the MaPo Tofu Fries at Teto Sweets (yes, you read that right, fries) are strangely irresistible, in a weird trailer park, Chinese white trash kind-of-way.

I feel better now, now that that’s off my chest.

Thanks for listening.

Teto Sweets
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#YellowTrashTheNewWhiteTrash 😉
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Well since you brought up the subject.

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you main toisan (speaking in and for the toisan)

I’m glad I’m in esteemed company when it comes to Chinese junk food.

As an aside, I find most Asian style cheesesteaks rather uninspiring. Like diluted Budweiser, when you’re hankering for a good shot of Remy Martin.

LOL at mapo tofu fries. I can see how that works though.

Any “sha fan”(down with rice)dish would be good over fries.

I’d imagine Thousand Year Old eggs, soy sauce, and some pickled radishes would go well over fries.

Buddha poutine.

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i nominate silken tofu, ground pork & fermented black beans & garlic with corn starch gravy over fries. green peas optional.

I see your silken tofu concoction (aka faux MaPo Tofu), and raise you a Zha Jiang Fries.

mapo & fermented black bean are dissimilar enough to me that i’d protest if i cared enough about it. i added the tofu to simulate the texture of the cheese curds in poutine.

Then you need fermented bean curd, not silken tofu.

Your concoction would actually be like the stinky Taiwanese cousin of Poutine.

no. but i’m not going to argue about it,