The Bang Bang Thread

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You will now have to remove one of your FTC confessions. :wink:


Did you cap the run off with a burger at Apple Pan or just pie?

I thought the same thing! I’ve also since been to SGV. Makin’ moves :sunglasses:

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Interesting question! For Tsujita, I was the second solo diner to walk in, so it was a quiet affair; whereas for Shunji, I was lucky to snag a seat at the otherwise full-up chef’s table. But I guess I was most struck by the similarly convivial moods. At both places, the chefs were joking and smiling with each other in between rounds of hyper-focused prep.


Steakburger AND pie, yo.


Little Saigon Bang Bang

Tai Buu Paris.
Eggs with Chinese Sausage and Baguette and Shaken Beef. Definitely not the usual Shaken Beef with the glaze, very strong garlic flavor.

Phat Ky Mi Ga.
Duck Noodle Soup. House made egg noodle. Wonderful broth that is not overly sweet like the Thai places in LA. Add in some vinegar chiles and a tiny bit of the red chile sauce for a strong and more well rounded broth. One of the best noodle soups in Little Saigon! The only con is you don’t get a lot of noodles in comparison with the broth. And they had Teresa Teng music playing when I was eating. Respect.
That’s pickled papaya btw in that small condiment plate.


Far east Plaza Bang bang.

Lasa’s drunken pansit (delishous)

Chairman bao


Popcorn chicken from Lao Tao (yummy and medium spicy but not for those who don’t like salty @Chowseeker1999) do want to check out more of this place.

Bonus track. LA’s new cookbook store. Sadly closed :frowning:


Sawtelle is so bang bangable it almost feels like cheating.

I honestly didn’t even know this place existed until I saw @CiaoBob mention it in another thread. Tucked away on the second floor of the plaze on Olympic & Sawtelle is a real gem. Had the seared albacore sashimi and Tamagoyaki. Really enjoyed both. Really really enjoyed the draft Asahi. Will defo be backo.


As @J_L noted, this recently opened on Sawtelle and what a great addition it is. The line moved swiftly (probably 20 ish minutes from the end to ordering). They were out of quite a few udon menu options on Saturday night prime time. I had the Beef Udon, which comes with their signature Kake broth and thought it was great. Man, those are some noodles. Also had some bites of the tofu salad, which felt bright and fresh with a nice ginger dressing. Excited to go back here, as well.

Half milk tea / half taro tea. All good, baby babyyyy.


For shame. I’ve been in love with this place since Chowhound days! (Note: The link does bring you to my article on Chowhound; consider yourselves warned.)

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Let’s face it, there’s a ton of great info there. I was just looking up one of Sam F’s posts today.


You got a Drivers License showing in that Bao pic

thanks ill try to crop and re post

Glad you liked both places.

Morinoya has a huge menu PLUS 10-12 nightly specials. And it is all great.

And yes, @J_L has been a long time cheerleader (but one that you probably don’t want to see parading around with pompoms, knickers and belly shirt)

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No photos because I’m worthless, but I did a Trois Mec and Tacos Leo bang bang last night and I must admit it was glorious.

A brief PSA regarding Trois Mec: I follow them on twitter and yesterday they posted about a “Pay for two, eat for four deal.” I quickly emailed their reservationist who was super helpful and sent me a link where I could buy tickets at literally half off. So after tip and tax (which is included when you buy the tickets) I spent 60 dollars a person!!!

Might be worth monitoring the Trois Mec twitter occasionally, because this was an absurdly good deal. The level of cooking is still very high, and I think their desserts are among the best in the city.


Thanks for the PSA.! Never have gone to Trois Mec haven’t heard enough glowing reviews to spend the money on a per ticket basis. But the tickets being half off is definitely a winner in my book.

I just emailed luis and bought tickets for tonight! Lol, thanks again!


Woah glad to see it helped somebody out! Enjoy.

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South Bay Bang Bang slash NYC style apartment delivery/takeout…


Chubby Rice

Everything was good here!


My God … it’s full of char!

The crust at Grimaldi’s was really good. Forgot to take a underboob pic of the slice. It was nicely charred.

That General Tso’s was a surprise for me. Not sure how Chubby Rice’s compares with NYC places.

love Chubby Rice…the nicest people run it and i hope they have great success…i haven’t been there in a while but next time I’m anywhere in the area, I’ll be there…Love Grimaldi’s too…havent been down there in too long also…time to head a bit south!