The Bang Bang Thread

My God … it’s full of char!

The crust at Grimaldi’s was really good. Forgot to take a underboob pic of the slice. It was nicely charred.

That General Tso’s was a surprise for me. Not sure how Chubby Rice’s compares with NYC places.

love Chubby Rice…the nicest people run it and i hope they have great success…i haven’t been there in a while but next time I’m anywhere in the area, I’ll be there…Love Grimaldi’s too…havent been down there in too long also…time to head a bit south!


Gjusta and Gwen bang bang


Which fish did you get? I had something that looked very similar the other day. Got the smoked kampachi on a sandwich. Was great.

I got the herbed gravlax on the onion bilay with lebneh

I love both those places, but have some questions about how this bang bang occurred.

Did you drive all the way from Venice to Hollywood? I feel like by the time you got from once place to the other it’d be the difference between breakfast and lunch time.

I left Gjusta at 1130ish and was at Gwen a bit over 30 minutes later. traffic wasn’t too bad.


thats really good time for LA.


That is some next level bang bangin’!

Also that bread at Gwen looks so absurdly good.

Thank you for mentioning that I really did like the sesame roll for the sandwich. Good bread can make or break a sandwich.


Do not attempt a gwen, luv2eat bang bang on sundays or mondays, it’ll end up being a single bang. Don’t ask me how i know.



it’s funny as I was leaving Gwen I went through the (packed) parking lot Luv2eat is in and was thinking…


i’ve hit a gwen sandwhich and jade noodle luv2eat bang bang before…ELITE


I have to ask. You can Private Message me if more appropriate :slight_smile:

@CiaoBob Gwen is closed on Sunday/Monday

heading to gwen rn for lunch

Hit up HiHo and Uovo on Saturday night, making a nice 1-2 punch. Well, make that 1-2-3, with a Jeni’s tacked on to the end.



But those can be very cathartic…

QPR is, IMHO, insane (given what overhead must be). And I found the cheeseburger to be quite pleasing.

Given the fact that lunch is served out of the butcher shop and the butcher shop is open everyday, i foolishly arrived on a Sunday only to be told they don’t serve lunch on Sundays and Mondays.

Totally agree.

I’d already planned on a BB, but when I showed up the wait at Uovo was 60-90 minutes, which worked our perfectly.

Note: Not a chance in HELL I would wait 60-90 for Uovo on its own.

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