The Bombay Frankie Company (Sawtelle)

Who doesn’t like Indian burritos, right?

Or really, who ever knew about Indian burritos.

Be that as it may, gas up and while you’re gassing up, hop inside and grab yourself a “Frankie” – I recommend either the Chicken Tikka or the vegetarian Aloo Gobhi – and then go down the street and catch a flick at the Nuart – I recommend the anthology of Oscar-nominated animated short films.

The Bombay Frankie Company
11261 Santa Monica Blvd
(inside the Chevron station)


Do they have lamb?

Has it gotten better? Because it was not very good when I tried it a while back:

They did not when I went. BTW, where is the roll in your picture from? I can count at least three things right about it that this place does wrong.

the bread in robert’s picture is also too thick. it should be a much thinner paratha that’s used. and not so much egg either.

At least it’s a paratha and there’s egg. This place does neither of those things.

I will defer to you on authenticity, but the roll in Robert’s pic looks a lot like ones I used to get weekly at Roomali, Kati Roll Co., and Thelewala in NYC.

BTW, ipse, if you get a chance next time you’re in New York, try Thelewala in particular.

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They are closing this location - Last date is October 4th.

BUT the website also says they will open a location at Westfield Culver City on October 15th!


That’s too bad they couldn’t keep the gas station location! I’ll be curious if the afd/ change anything at the new location

New location in Woodland Hills. Looks like they are open.

Ventura Blvd just east of Topanga in the former location of Jerry’s Crappy Deli. So the deli became the Delhi.

21857 Ventura Blvd
Woodland Hills, CA 91364

Photo credit: Google


Oh, wow good parking too, that’s a huge space i wonder if they are going to be busy enough to use it all! But good for them

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Not Mumbai?

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Has anyone been recently? My memory is that reviews were mixed.

I think that it was divided a couple years ago after Jerry’s closed. Urban Plates is there too. Still probably a big space.

I wasn’t that impressed the one time I went. It was decent Indian food inside a burrito. I kept wondering what the hype was. It wasn’t like the flavors were mind blowing. It was fine and I wouldn’t turn it down, but nothing to make it stand out from many other perfectly adequate Indian places beyond the fact it was in a burrito.

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Same here. Dry white meat to boot, which is arguably authentic.

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My brother went today. He eats a lot of Indian food. He liked it.

He reminded me that this space was Dickeys BBQ, one of the businesses that moved into the divvied up remnants of Jerry’s.


I think if you judge it against other quick service restaurants it’s not bad, at least it’s a change of pace. Hopefully they can expand their offerings a bit now that they are expanding to a more traditional kitchen space.


That’s almost verbatim what my brother said. He eats a lot of Indian food with Indian coworkers.


Haven’t been since the gas station version of the restaurant. The chef/owner was present on our first visit. The Frankies were surprisingly good with careful attention paid to each component. Not quite as good on subsequent visits so we tended to focus on the daals, chana masala and other sides which were always excellent. Very easy to pre-order and grab a couple of containers on the way home from work.

:cry: Loved that Chevron location. If you know west LA and that SM Blvd. exit and the sneaky Beloit Ave. cut down to Olympic - it was a slam dunk during rush hour.


Hopefully you weren’t one of the people trying to turn left there! Total death wish, IMHO.

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