The Bombay Frankie Company (Sawtelle)

Good lord, no. It was a straight shot SB all the way.

I went to the one at the Westfield Culver City…

One thing to note… I love Indian food. Make it often at home. It can get a little monotonous for some… but I kinda love it and I think the Frankie is the perfect form. I love the bread they use… it obviously has some yogurt and had this soft but pliable texture! It’s not a pita. It’s not a wrap. It’s not a burrito… it’s a Frankie…

No pics from my last visit…. But these things are huge! I appreciate that they are well wrapped and they pre slice them. I could never finish just one.

I almost always order the chicken tikka masala. It’s white meat…. But it’s never dry for me. I never order the chicken at Chipotle because it’s often dry. They also put in big chunks. So it’s quite satisfying. One time P brought home the “bowl” version. It was meh. Has to be in the Frankie.

P recently had the crispy fish one. He said the fish wasn’t too crispy when he got it. I hope to
Order that next.

Another bonus is that they sell Badmaash Chai. I love the wink to their more upscale competitor (who I also love)

If I was in the area like I was before the pandemic I would totally hit this place once a week.


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If you have been curious about Frankies or that awesome Badmaash Chai over the next few day the BFC is taking part of a Fundraiser for India… so good food… great cause…. Glad both BFC and BadMaash are taking part!


I missed this at the time, but bizarrely I was in the neighborhood on a bread and takeout run on the very day you posted this! I planned on stopping again at Baja Subs, but, unfortunately, I couldn’t make contact via phone. Instead, I got takeout from nearby Red Chili and adjacent India Sweets & Spices.

I did make a takeout run from Baja Subs last Summer. The menu has expanded greatly over its previous ownership. Still solid, was greatly enjoyable. I plan a return attempt at takeout before the gates are flung wide.


Is Red Chili still good? Loved it the one time I went there (prob ~10 yrs go).

I’d say so. This time around, I got goat nihari and fish karahi. Both are very, very good. The goat was especially good. Leftovers tonight. I made a takeout pickup from Red Chili last Summer as well.