The Truffle Guru (and Sushi Master) - Shunji Japanese Cuisine [Thoughts + Pics]

No, Chowseeker’s friend brought a (retail price) $120 to $140) bottle of Born: Wing of Japan to Shunji.

Born: Dreams Come True is a different sake (only comes in 1 Liter size)

retails for $220 to $260+.

Shunji’s price in April 2015 is $400 / bottle

n/Naka (per zagat) - $550

Tempura Endo - $700 (it’s Beverly Hills…)

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double the mark up is fair i guess but triple with endio, yes, that’s price-gouging.

notes are much appreciated.

In Beverly Hills, they call it “what the market will bear”…


Repost from the weekend thread with additional thoughts.

OOE Omakase. Does ordering one of everything make my ass look fat? #askingforafriend

This was a great lunch. I appreciated how Shunji-san allowed the fish to come to the appropriate temperature before forming the sushi, unlike Q where the fish was cut straight out of the cooler and was too cold. The shari was also nicely seasoned with each grain distinguishable. I do wish there was more shellfish on the menu e.g. sweet shrimp, abalone, geoduck, etc.

red sea bream
black snapper
SB uni
tuna collar
jack mackerel

madai - red seabream

kinmedia - golden eye snapper

aka-yagara - trumpet fish

suzuki - sea bass

kurodai - black snapper

ika - squid

maguro - bluefin

ikura - salmon roe

kamasu - barracuda

shima aji - striped jack mackerel

kanpachi - amberjack

masu - ocean trout

otoro - bluefin belly

kohada - gizzard shad

santa barbara uni - gonads

hokkaido uni - 'nads

hotate - scallop

aji - jack mackerel

unagi - freshwater eel

tachiuo - beltfish

tako - octopus :taco:

ankimo - monkfish liver

sake - salmon

nodoguro - black throat sea perch

aji - spanish mackerel

maguro kama - tuna collar

tai - snapper

kelp marinated snapper

engawa - halibut fin

sanma - pike

negitoro hand roll - toro and japanese pickles

tamago - egg


This (30 pieces) costs about $500 with tax/tip right?

That knife work though

I got the omakase and wasn’t charged per piece, or at least it wasn’t itemized on my bill.

Is there some kind of massive cost savings by doing that?

How can you over order on an omakase, do you just keep telling them to keep bringing sushi, but it’s all covered by a set price?

no they will charge you based on the amount that you eat. If you keep ordering, your bill will keep going up. YOu just won’t get an itemized receipt when you get your bill.

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my guess is that it’s probably less than that.

Thanks for the additional thoughts, @PorkyBelly. :slight_smile:

You have me craving to go back asap. :smile:

How was the Negitoro Handroll?

For shellfish, it might just be the season. There was one visit where Shunji-san gave us like 4 different types.

I don’t know about calculating ala carte vs. Omakase, but our Shunji Omakase meals are usually from $125 - $175 range, depending on specials that night like fresh Hokkaido Hairy Crab, etc.

And the fluctuation depends on if we ordered additional pieces after the standard course was done.

Appreciate the info. That is prior to tax and tip right? Interesting that prices haven’t changed much in 3 years.

Yes. I think the cheapest visit was about $110 +tax&tip, about 1.5 years ago.

It was very good, i liked the different textures, nice crispy nori, creamy toro and crunchy pickles. I prefer it to the blue crab hand roll.

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Thanks @PorkyBelly. Sounds great. :slight_smile:

In all our visits, we’ve never been offered the Negitoro Handroll. :slight_smile: I’ll try and request it next time.

Love this report @Chowseeker1999. I’m continually amazed at how much information you get. Do they tell you as they’re serving? Or do you ask? Or is it possible that you know? :relaxed:

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[quote=“PorkyBelly, post:24, topic:4422”]
negitoro hand roll
[/quote]You ate a hand roll :relaxed:.

Thanks @TheCookie. :slight_smile:

We ask the chef. And as they get to know us, they just start telling us as each course comes out, knowing we appreciate the info. :wink: