The year that killed L.A. restaurants: Here are more than 65 notable closures

I cannot help but think of the hundreds? thousands? of other restaurants that don’t fall into the “notable” category and thus are not acknowledged by such lists. I know being comprehensive with this topic would be unwieldy/impossible in this format, but I ache for those unnamed who also closed - for those chefs and staff and families.


glad that this story is being reported at least! many, many more coming. '24 will be grim on multiple fronts.


Interesting that Craft / Colicchio closed. We had a splendid pre-pandemic meal at Craft Steak (Las Vegas) - a post-pandemic visit was disastrous. obviously he has lost a lot of kitchen talent - some of the sides were essentially inedible and a Waygu G5 was cooked to overdone. absolutely criminal.
at issue, will Colicchio be able to recover, or is he done . . . .?

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He has six other restaurants plus the Top Chef gig.

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This year definitely FELT like it had more closures than a normal year (COVID aside). It would be interesting to look at gross restaurant closures by year to see how bad this year really was. Alas, it doesn’t seem like something that’s specifically tracked and would probably be immensely difficult data to compile.

Add Sweet Lady Jane to the list. Closed December 31st after 35 years in business.

That’s depressing.