Think East... waaayy East

Between El Monte and Riverside. I can’t seem to find anything of note and don’t want to end up at Ixtaco. Need a sit down place as we’re never out that way.

Anything next level you know of?


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Are you heading out on the 60 Freeway?

or the 10. depending on how good he restaurant suggestion is. just need something between Progress Brewing and Riverside

Burritos La Palma.

I keep a running list of spots to check out for all parts of LA. In the “Far East” section here are my highlights.

Heard Padua Pasta in Upland is excellent. Also in upland, for Indian food (never been but well reviewed)

Of course in SGV, you can hit dim sum at Lunasia, Sea Harbor or Mamas Lus. And in Pomona, theres this Indonesian spot at a Badminton Club that is also high on my list of Eastern spots to check out

Hope this helps, please review what you come up with if you can!

Off the 60 I have GouGe’s Utopia in City of Industry and Shancheng Lameizi in Rowland Heights flagged on Google Maps. Can’t remember where I heard about the former.

North of Riverside and worth a detour:

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Not sure the level of $$$ you want to spend or how much sit-down service you want, but these were some of our favorites from when we lived out that way:
Caffe Allegro - La Verne and Upland (French-Italian-California fusion)
San Biaggio Pizza - Upland…on Campus Dr off the 210 (they have a take-out location on Mountain off the 10)
Union on Yale - Claremont (modern American)
Uno Tre Otto - Claremont (Italian)

Well between El Monte and Riverside are probably half of the authentic Chinese restaurants in the LA area, most numerous in Rowland Heights, but also in Hacienda Heights, Walnut, Diamond Bar and Chino Hills. Happy Harbor is great for dim sum (daytime) and seafood (dinner), and there are a number of other pricey Chinese places in the area.


Nice thanks. It’s by Omar as well which i’m thinking about. That’s west of el monte though… Can you think of anything east? Rowland Heights Little Highness looks good but too casual and Newport Tan Cang may be the move though i’ve been to the other one

No, I meant the original Happy Harbor on Nogales and Gale in Rowland Heights.

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Hi @Nemroz,

There’s Shanghailander. I posted my thoughts here in this earlier thread.

Good luck!

oooh thank you!..

poop… 5:30 doesnt give enough time to get to our concert at 7

What year was your shanghailander visit, @Chowseeker1999?
I used to love that place and your report looks great. I cannot tell years on FTC posts.

There’s Sun Nong Dan for Galbi Jjim off of the 60 fwy , Nogales Exit, open 24 hours

18902 A East Gale Ave., Rowland Heights, CA 91748

Off the 10
Back Abbey (Claremont) for burgers and brews
Merry’s Fried Chicken (West Covina) Indonesian fried chicken (kind of a trek off either the 10 or 60)
Ritual Brewing and Bootleggers Brewery (Redlands) blocks away from each other they usually have food trucks

Off the 60
Earthen (Industry)
Sun Nong Dan and Kang Ho Dang in the same plaza (Rowland Heights)
Ruen Pair (Rowland Heights) same as the one in Hollywood

Off the 91
San Juan BBQ (Riverside) A5Kobe recommendation


Corner Beef Noodle (El Monte)

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Hi @CiaoBob,

This year. :slight_smile: It was delicious, but as you said, in another “time zone” LOL. :slight_smile:

Ahgoo Kitchen
Corner Beef Noodle House
Sung Nong Dan
Colonia Publica


Along the 210, try Papa’s Best Sandwiches or Cafe Mixu. And, of course, Donut Man.

Along the 10 in/around W. Covina, consider Mezzaterranean or Lobster & Steak Express, or further east on the 10 in Pomona try Cachanilla.

Along the 60 past the 57, try Dilliwala Indian. Along the 60 before the 57, basically anything along Gale, Azusa or points in between and you have all of Taiwan, various points in China, and sections of Japan, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam and Singapore to choose from.

Disagree on Back Abbey. It’s gone down in quality over the years. The fries no longer taste as ducky as they used to (they are fried in duck fat)…I had them last year and they tasted like regular fries…no hint of duck at all. The burgers were all of average quality, too…everything used to be executed with care…burgers used to be cooked to order (i.e. medium-rare, medium, etc.) but now they’re all over cooked. I was terribly disappointed and sad. I used to love this place.