Three nights in san francisco: eating plans, please critique

You can order from a menu, just ask for one.

The move away from cart service in dim sum is an evitable (and understandable) step in improving the food. I for one am glad the carts are going away.


they did give us a menu that listed dim sum items. but as it also contained a section titled “please order with server” of non-dim sum items we assumed only those could be ordered that way and the rest off the circulating carts. the host did not tell us differently when we were sat down.

i’m remembering now: when we got tired of waiting at one point, we did ask one of the cart-servers if she had the lotus leaf-wrapped sticky rice; she shook her head and seemed to use her walkie-talkie thing to ask for one to be brought to our table. it never showed up; we finally scored it off a cart 15 minutes later right before we gave up on the rest.

anyway, it’s good to know for the next time. but if there is a next time, i am not going to drive to the rincon center. i think managing to park and then extricate a large sedan there without damaging it or any other cars may be one of my life’s greatest achievements.

I loved Outta Sight Pizza when I ate there but it has been about year + 1/2