Tired Of Terrible French Fries

Yeah but that kinda assumes they care and even started up a new basket instead of just saying “fuck it” and giving you whatever

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i can’t remember the last time i bought fries a la carte. i did try the mcd’s bacon cheese fries only because someone bought them for me - definitely eat them while they’re still warm. but i prefer steak fries anyway. i used to make them double fried at home, but it got to be too much work , now what i do is scrub whole russets, leave the skin on and cut them into fairly symmetrical wedges - and microwave them, which dries them out. i wait until they’ve cooled a bit (no more steam) put them in a plastic bag with some olive oil, toss to coat, sprinkle a little powdered garlic and seasoned salt and broil them in the toaster oven. crispy on the outside, nice soft potato-y essence in the middle with a hint of garlic. minimal effort and no risk of getting splashed with hot oil. my guests love them. the main trick(s) are uniform thickness so the wedges cook evenly in the microwave and waiting for the wedges to cool or the condensation inside the plastic bag will interfere with oil coating the potatoes.


But when they do, it is a glorious amount of crispy carbs.


This is an amazing French fry. BS fries at Majordomo.


$144 is steep for fries, but they do give you a couple of pounds of beef on the side.

Anybody know what “B.S.” stands for?

Bill simmons.

Had them again last night and they’re my favorite damn fries in the city. Takes them two to three days to make.

Truffle fries at cut are a close second.


You can order them a la carte. They are $15 or about $1.15 per individual French fry. They are the best French fry in LA but man are they expensive. The sauce on the side is a cheesy umami bomb. It’s a watery version of a cheese sauce amped up with flavor.

Majordomo is our favorite restaurant in the city right now.


The fries were one of the best things I’ve had at Majordomo, and that’s saying a lot.

Rad. Didn’t even bother to ask. I’ll get them on my next trip for sure. Thank you!

(Majordomo’s fries)

I hope they’re worth it @ $15 per order. Having heard a similar story (2-day prep) about the fries at L’Assiette, we went there, and the fries were good, but not exceptional at all.

Does anyone have thoughts on L’Assiette fries vs. Majordomo BS fries? It’s been yrs since I had the ones at L’Assiette, but I thought they were excellent.

Radically different styles.

I had them the other night after seeing the love for them on the board. They were absolutely incredible and totally worth every penny. They give you a fair amount of fries.

I agree - very good. And generous portions too. My favorite fries were from Hal’s Bar and Grill are now - but they’ve closed up. Damn.

I also like the fries at Lunetta All Day. Not as good as Bel Campos, but still very satisfying.

Agree. Good but not enough to crave them. Or go back because of them. I will travel for fries.

Yes to Oinkster. NO NO NO to Langers and Apple Pan.

I like langers fries. Hearty Crinkle Cuts. Always fried well and stand up in the Pastrami and Cheese Fries…


I would consider langers fries well done to be “excellent”, under the crinkle cut category.


I had my doubts about the price tag on fries of all things. But I’m happy to report that I’m more than willing to order it again! The BS fries, though a touch over aggressively seasoned, is legit and comes with a Raclette cheese sauce that goes really well with the fries

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The fries at Pita Wrap in DTLA is pretty damn good.

Only $3.50

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