Turkey Day 2015

This year’s Fulton Valley turned out to be the best bird I’ve cooked in several years.

A friend, her son, and I shared an 11 pound Diestel turkey. I don’t know that I’d ever had a Diestel bird, but I can certainly recommend it. Stuffed the cavity loosely with some chopped onion, carrot, celery, and herbs. Roast at 350 for a couple of hours, take out and tent while the pie, stuffing and sprouts cook, put back in the oven to finish. Reheat sprouts and stuffing as the bird rests. One of the better turkeys ever!

RWC, recipe sounds great. I am fortunate to have made a video of my dad (since departed) making his “famous” gravy. Delicious, tasted great on turkey, pork, shoe leather, whatever… :smile:

OG Chinese restaurant chef style… Wesson oil instead of butter, Jack Daniels instead of Chard, Swanson’s chicken broth instead of homemade. Have often had friends come by on thanksgiving for a pot of gravy, to bring home for their own home roasted turkeys.


This year’s bird was a big success, unbrined 14+ lb, spatchcocked, indirect charcoal in the Weber, 2 hrs.

… Simple & delicious! Image looks weird on my phone…

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doesn’t look weird here!

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