Uphill Alert--Tasty Garden Alhambra

One of the great tragedies in recent Chinese dining was the forced breakup on the Tasty Garden chain. It was a high quality, reasonably priced chain with a nice level of consistency across its locations (except the hybrid San Gabriel location). While even after the selloff to various buyers, the branches continue to fly under the Tasty Garden banner, except for Irvine, the quality fell across the board and the individual branches started pulling together their own menus with only some areas of overlap. The only reason we continued to visit the Alhambra location occasionally was for convenience. But something has happened recently. The quality in Alhambra is all the way back. Our favorite dishes, such as the French cut steak, orange chicken, imitation shark fin with egg white, and string beans are as good as they ever were. (Interestingly the only thing that remained consistently good had been the white rice.) Wondering if this means that the original chef is back in Alhambra.


had no idea the chain broke apart? No wonder the food suddenly fell off all over. I remember the Arcadia location being reasonably good back in the day and when I came back home for a visit with family it was totally dog food quality.

Sher Ji Yao is back cooking in Alhambra!

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