UT: Luxury cinema and dining debuts in La Jolla

My feeling is that this concept will fail - too expensive, La Jolla doesn’t have much foot traffic at night/evening and I doubt that so many people are interested to spend money fir exoensive dishes when watching a movie

Lived a block away from the old Jonathan’s, don’t know how this will fly.
La Jollans are a thrifty bunch of characters.

Good for a first date…

Also skeptical of the LJ location. But they’re apparently opening another in Liberty Station. They may end up calling it the FakeName Theater because I’ll go so often.

That was my first impression, too - especially given the relatively new ArcLight theater at UTC and the upgraded AMC theater. I think these people must have done some research, though.

When I was in town last weekend I saw the old La Jolla Landmark theater being knocked down. That actually made me sad. That easily was my most attended theater - alone, dates with my girlfriend / fiance / wife, etc.

I hate going to the movies but if they show Caddyshack, Blazing Saddles or a 3 Stooges marathon, all Curly (dream man), text me anytime and I’ll fly off the mountain or the island, ASAP!!

Question tho’: why wouldn’t you just buy a non-alcoholic drink and bring a flask?

You like, totally could!!!

You could, like, totally bring your beer bong from lik,e springbreak ;;;))))

Like I totally for sure would BUT my mother in law took my Beer Bong and I won’t see her till November, while were at the Cloister’s for holiday…
She brings it to her Keg Standing classes and the kids just love it… :beer: :black_joker: