Vespertine - The Gaffe of Kahn

Didn’t Infiniti (the car company) try a thematically similar (rock, water, trees) marketing campaign back in 1990? It was an infamous and complete failure.

I don’t suspect this marketing campaign is going to go much better (although I’m sure the food itself will be fine).

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“Bespoke”, so tailored to each diner’s tastes and needs?

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Courtroom sketch of life-force healing succulents forthcoming?


“bespoke” “sound”, so each diner gets their own custom note played over and over throughout the meal.


Perhaps there’ll be a dish that play with the concept of time? Maybe a venison sous vide and comes with a headphone so you can hear the sound of the exact animal you’re about to consume…illustrating nature’s life to death cycle?



in your headphones, you will hear the deer talking to you (translated of course) “this is my gift to you, my body my life”


Secret video from Jordan’s new restaurant


Is Vespertine ever coming back?

Peony: saw this on their instagram! Wondering if “Returning Winter” suggests anything…

I’m pretty sure it said Fall not that long ago :joy: I’ll believe it when I see it though as LA is such a tough city for restaurants. They’ve been dormant since Meteora opened and if they had kept a lot of their staff through the pandemic via takeout (which I find hard to believe), most of them might have gone over to open Meteora.

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Soooo when they said winter, they might have meant next winter. V E S P E R T I N E on Instagram: "Vespertine is now hiring all positions. Please DM if interested or send CV to"

I did see signs of some work inside the space when we were at the IHCLA event next door last week.

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