Weekend Run-Down (October 2015) - what did you have?

Beautiful pix! :smile: I love MB post, especially the biscuits. Never tried their fried chicken, thanks for the warning.

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Tanas. House salad. Cappachino ice cream. Veal parmigiana. Copius number of drinks.


GCM Burger.

A taste of a fucking slut.

Soft scrambled eggs. Cheddar cheese. Hold the brioche bun.

Iced Mac latte. And a biz and pleasure

Some drinks.

Couple slices of deep dish Chitown style pies from Masa.

Portos chocolate cake. And a half a chcolate chip cookie.

Movie theater popcorn. Diet coke.


Do you eat like that every weekend??? :wink:

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Never tried Masa. You like? Crumbly corn flour crust?

diet coke…tee hee

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a lighter corn crust, not incredibly greasy. but caveat emptor: I had it at least an hour after the fucking pies were picked up. so this was not piping hot cheese pizza. but for some reason, I was not really a fan.

I’ll probably hit up fucking Hollywood Pies once more to see how it is.

Last time, I tried that joint over a year and a half ago it was after a fucking Tana’s state of utter fucking inebriation.


you really need to keep hydrated.

and that ain’t no fucking joke.

It’s legit Chicago style deep dish. Takes a while to prepare so, calling an order in ahead of time even if eating in is advised. It’s heavy and filling so, easy to over order.


Not a fan of Masa’s pies.

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I agree with that astute and sagacious sentiment.

the jury is still out on H’wd Pies for me though.

what you want is to mail order lou malnati’s pies in…not too pricy…im ok with hollywood pies compared to masa.

I have not yet tried it, but Rance’s Chicago Pizza in Costa Mesa passes the eye test from their yelp pictures. For some reason I have yet to get around to trying this place. Maybe this weekend, maybe…

Let us know how Rance’s turns out.

Ha. If only… We got some good news this weekend, so felt like “splurging” a bit. :grin:


Lunch Gjusta+ Both Potato & and Heirloom tomato salad. Rueben AND Porshetta Melt. So Good!


Pretty bready. Definitely a carbo load.

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After not visiting in years, I tried First Szechuan Wok in Westwood Village today for lunch. Had the kung pal chicken – nothing special, the usual onion and green bell pepper veggies, not enough sauce. What have you had that is good there?

Looks like I’m a little late to the party.


  • Hakata Ikkousha: Tonkotsu standard with addition of ajitama, side of karaage.
  • New Trieu Chau: House special white noodles


  • ink.sack: Cold fried chicken, spanish godfather, bacon egg and cheese, BBQ pork rinds
  • Verve Coffee Roasters: Randomly noticed while driving and happened to stumble surprisingly into their soft opening which no one thankfully knew about just yet so plenty of open seats and no line unlike their Downtown location; this one is located right next to a Belcampo on 3rd just west of Fairfax. Anyway, ordered juice flight because I couldn’t decide, one of their tangerine probiotic drinks, and their jamaica cascara.
  • ink.: Potato polenta with seared foie in duck broth, salt and charcoal potato, egg yolk gnocchi, octopus with ink shells, and their deconstructed apple pie.