What Really Elevated Asian Food Can Taste Like - Benu [Thoughts + Pics]

No, but Roy Choi is.

I reached out to Manresa about a dessert tasting when Prida was in the kitchen but they quoted me $75 before tax and service for 3 courses at the bar. Decided to pass on that…I think Crenn still might do one, but it has to be specially arranged with the restaurant ahead of time. Now that they have the bar next door they might be more flexible serving a dessert tasting in that room.

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Awesome report. Really glad you enjoyed your meal!

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Hi @robert,

I don’t have the receipt in front of me, but yes, roughly that price. What was nice was that all of the teas we tried were included for free (but I noticed there were 2 selections that had an additional fee listed on it on the menu).

Thanks @SFDiner @frommtron! :slight_smile:

Benu was definitely enjoyable and fascinating to see what Chef Lee and his staff could do with Chinese and Korean food (and other influences).

Grrr I need to go… Execution and creativity in spades

+1 Benu seems so much more interesting vs n/Naka.